Friday, September 21, 2007

Jajah, Unlimited free call hack, India ,UK, Germany and Many more

This blog is modified for unlimited free calls to India and from India,

Please forward this blog to as many as of your friends so that they can also try the free calls,

I request all of you to try this from your country and write a comment in both cases if it works or it doesnot work, so that everybody will come to know and will not waste time trying for their country. please write a comment


  1. It seems that blog is written so well that its everybody is making free calls without any problem

  2. having prob...i dint get....hw to asked for payment......

  3. read the blog carefully and follow the steps, It is already working and it will work

  4. hey.. when are u publishing the 1 rs. call to india post.. waiting for that one..

    but i hope its not one of betamax offerings, as they are just cheats, once you pay the amount calls are blocked after 1-2 days, and no customer care. so if its from betamax please dot post it!!

  5. well, its from betamx. I am using it for the last 4 months and I did not find any problem. It is true that there is no costumer centre, but the call quality is best and call is connected in very short time.

    I have paid account in many providers like, yahoo voice, jajah, betamax (3), movibox, tokiva, rebtel, mywebcalls, talkplus etc but I found betamax best.

    In my openion it is good to call using betamax. Its my personal experience. I hope our friends reading this blog would like it.

  6. Ok if you say so, I am willing to try once more with them. Waiting for your post now..

  7. Hi,
    if you already have experience with betamax then you need not wait for the post, I can tell you before writing the post, because the post may take time as I am very busy with my work.

    Please let me know your country of residence, so that I can tell the you before.

  8. Im in germany.. will it work for calling to india.. if not.. im sticking with yahoo voice...

  9. please read this blog

    Germany is included in the free country, so the calls to india will cost 2 cents per min.

    While registration, make sure that you select India as your country to save the 20% EU tax.

    There is a hidden charge of 50 cents as connection fee, but nonoh is worth using

    There is no connection fee as taken by other betamax service providers like voipcheap or justvoip

    If you have any problem, feel free to write your comment. I am very happy to answer it.

    Please forward this blog to your all friends

    Thank you

  10. i followed ur steps..
    but when i include extra number ( 11 th digit ) it ask to enter the valid number..
    So wat is the solution..

  11. Hi Anupam
    From which country you are trying to call, In some countries like US and canada, the hack works only for one call because the numbrs can not be more than 10 digits.

    Moreover you can tell your friends/family to try the same from India and It will work

    Feel free to ask if you have any problem

  12. Thanks, this really worked. It is the first time I ever tried free service, otherwise I discard them just as ploy to hook you in.

  13. i cant call from number starting with is the new starting number from idea.

  14. Hi Kishore,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I think jaduka has not updated its database for new Indian numbers.

    Try it with another phone, it will work,

    For any query, feel free a comment


  15. Jajah is not working for me anymore. I've tried your "Clear cookie" method and adding another digit method too. When I add extra digit, I get the message that "Please enter a valid source number" and even after clearing the cookies it keeps saying that you've used all the free minutes.

    Any other method that I'm missing here.


  16. Hi Anony,
    Thanks for trying and writiing a comment, please let me know your country.
    In some countries, like US/Canada, numbers are restricted to 10 digits only. If your country is also in the same group of countries, then you can call only for five mins. Pleae tell your frieds/family from India to call you. It is still working from India to anywhere in the world. 100% Working. The only problem is, tell them to use firefox, and block cookies from, otherwise, they have to delete cookies every time.

  17. Thanks Vikas. Yes, I'm in US. I'll try to make a call from India to US number and will let you know if there is any problem.
    I cannot make this call just by changing the From country field since it is greyed out and does not allow me to change the From country. So, I'll try from a PC in India to make a call to US.

  18. hi Mr vikas
    i would like to free from australia to india could you let me how can i do it ? please send me a sms on me skype (carantulasi)i wetting for your sms thank you


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