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What are Moneybookers and Paypal?

Update: Now Paypal also supports INR trasfer via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) system

Most of us find difficulty in finding the safe ways to purchase the credits for the VoIP calls. We are not sure that the site where we are giving our credit card information is safe or not. This blog will help you to know about the safe way to transact online without giving information on the web.

To Open the Moneybookers account click here.

To open the Paypal account click here.

Please read the blog carefully, I hope at the end you would like my post and open free account with them.

moneybookers and PayPal are international payment gateways which provides safe online transactions without sharing your your information on the website. Moneybookers is UK based company and Paypal is US based, but in July it came into Europe also. Paypal is associated with e-bay. These two accounts come with bundle of features that can be used in out daily life, if you are an international personality. I would like to mention that these accounts are highly secured.
The security is really too much, and moneybookers has more security features. you will realise once you open the account. For eg. You will not be able to transact online unless you verify your identity (address, phone and other information).

I am listing the few benefits of these two accounts
1. International Payment (You can pay in any currency, independent of credit card) For example if you have your credit card in USD and want to pay in EUR, they you have to pay the transaction fee to your bank, but with these accounts you save this fee
2. Credit card information is safe (Your information is known to only moneybookers or Paypal which are FSA regulated)
3. You need not to type your details each time you transact online
4. Send and receive money from your friends in seconds, it does not matter where you are and which is your currency
5. You need not to keep money into these accounts, you can upload funds whenever you want.

6. These accounts are free, no hidden fee and Many More....

As an Indian, I would prefer to use Moneybookers because it transact in INR also and you can send money to India in few seconds and only in 50 cents.

Almost all the VoIP providers accept payments either from one or both. I request readers of this post to open both the accounts as soon as you read this post, because you need not to pay to keep this account active. I hope that it would be useful for you.

(You can read the terms and conditions on their website for more details)

If you have any query, please write me your comment, I would be happy to answer it.


  1. Oh great, another post, but not the one about rs.1 calling to India.. way to keep people coming back ;)

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the commnet.

    I decided to post this before upcoming post because it is directly related to 1 Rs call. For 1 rs call, you need to buy the credit, and this post would be useful.

    I received many queries from friends asking about the payments methods, like how to purchase the credits to call. they were worried to give their credit card information.

    I will post 1 Rs calling post on monday at 0800 GMT.

    Thank you

  3. Hi Vikas,

    I read your blog about Paypal and Moneybookers. It seems to be really good and useful.
    Can you also let me know ,how can i transfer money to my Bank Account in India. Can i do that thru MoneyBookers?


  4. Hi Vikas

    With your prompt reply to my concerns for NoNoh, I think I will give it a try.

    Now I would like you too also respond to my queries for

    I have created an account and now want to upload fund using my Indian Visa International credit card.

    Below are my queries

    - In which currency is it better to upload the funds. Can I upload in INR e.g Rs 500/-.

    - Can I use the uploaded
    funds in INR to pay in USD or EUR at merchant sites (like when I pay in NoNoh in EUR). While doing so will they charge me an extra currency conversion fee.

    - How much exactly is the upload fee. On the site they have mentioned as 1.9%. But at the bottom of the rate webpage, they also mention a currency conversion fee of 1.3%. For example, If I upload funds in EUR, will they charge me 1.9% as upload fee as well as the currency conversion fee of 1.3%? As my bank will also be charging me extra for transacting in foreign currency, which is some where around 2.5%?

    - You had mentioned in your blog that “I would prefer to use Moneybookers because it transact in INR also”. How exactly do I benefit from this

    Expecting a prompt reply as usual



  5. Sorry for the late reply. I am really busy with my work, I need support from somebody

    Ans to RS
    There are options to transfer money to India.

    1. By international SWIFT transfer, check if your Indian bank has it. money will be credited into your account.

    2. You can also request a cheque for you, if you have one Indian account added into moneybookers.

    3. You can transfer money to an Indian user (May b anyone from your family) having money bookers account in INR, then he can ask for a cheque, the cheque will be delivered to your family address and they can clear the check to your account. In this way, first you will send money to your brother by moneybookers, which is in 1 sec. and then your brother will request for cheque. He can also request swift.

    Please read the terms and conditions and charges for each. I think the third one is best. but I have not tried any one to transfer money.

    Please note that because of securities reasons, you can not open two accounts with the same name and info. if you try to do, your accounts will be blocked.


    Ans to Rohit.

    For using any credit card, first you have to verify your credit card. Whenever you will add your CC to moneybookers, the will debit some euros (between .1 to 2.99 ) from you credit card then you have to enter the exact amount at their website to get verified. Once you are verified you can upload the funds.

    For uploading, If you have only INR CC, then select your primary currency as INR and upload the funds as INR to save currency conversion fee. But you will be charged 1.9% uploading fee by the moneybookers.

    Apart from this, Moneybookers payment gateway is outside India, so your Indian CC will charge you 3.5% for the international transaction, (check the rate with you CC bank, as you are saying 2.5%) but again you will save the conversion fee.

    If you are going to buy the credit for nonoh, then moneybookers will not charge you 1.9% uploading fee, because it is paid by the merchant (nonoh betamax)

    For eg, if you are planning to buy 10 EUR credit, then nonoh asks for 10.5, and if you use a EUR credit card, then you CC will be charged 10.5 EUR, but if you use Indian CC, then your credit card will be charged in INR equivalent 10.5 EUR by moneybookers and 3.5% international payment fee will be taken by your bank.

    Overall, you will gain some 5-10 Rs if you use moneybookers. But still I suggest you to try this because it is highly dependent on the international conversion rate offered by your bank.

    I hope I have answered properly. I am sorry because I am not a professional in this field. These are my personal experiences and research.

    If you have any queries, you can write, I am happy to reply

  6. Answer to Raju Hemnaani mail
    i created an personal paypal account.

    Now I does't Have credit card or not want to trasfer money by bank
    trasfer.My one of freind has Visa credit card so can you tell me ,he how can send me money on my paypal account.

    Dear Raju,
    Personal paypal accounts does not give facility to upload the funds, so do not try.

    If you want to use your friend credit card, then try moenybookers, open your moneybookers account and also tell your friend to open moneybookers account. Since your friend has credit card, he can upload funds into his account and after uploading the funds he can send money to you.

    If you have further problems, feel free to write your comment.


  7. Hello dear

    I have paypal personal account.I want to add credit to my account .
    I have not any credit card or not want to add money by bank trasfer. One of my freind has credit card so can you tell me how he can send me money to my paypal account(He has not paypal account). How much fee i have to paid (note i have personal account) .can my freind have to pay any fee ?


  8. Dear Raju,

    I have already replied you question, I am again repeating it.

    Personal paypal accounts does not give facility to upload the funds, so do not try for you.

    Alternatively, you can tell your friend to open a personal account and purchase some phoen credits for you, it is possible. He can not upload the funds but can purchase the credits for you with his credit card

    You can try with permier or Business account for your purpose, but I do not suggest for you. If you have business account, then you can receive the moeny from any credti card, but you have to pay 3.5% + 0.35 USD for the transaction.

    For your query, moneybookers can solve your problem
    If you want to use your friend credit card, then try moenybookers, open your moneybookers account and also tell your friend to open moneybookers account. Since your friend has credit card, he can upload funds into his account and after uploading the funds he can send money to you.

    If you have further problems, feel free to write your comment.


  9. Reply to the comment of

    After reading about Nonoh on this blog, I registered with Nonoh. I am already using justvoip and am fully satisfied with the quality of justvoip. However I got registered at Nonoh because it offers cheaper call to India as compared to justvoip(0.025 Euro vs .035 Euro on justvoip). However I have been trying to make payment on the Nonoh website to get the credit. It always displays this message - "Your payment has failed. Unfortunately we do not always know the specific reason why your bank/creditcard company/payment provider has declined payment. We would advise to carefully check your payment details (first name, last name, invoice address and creditcard details) and try again tomorrow. Please choose another payment method should your payment fail again! (If you wish to pay by creditcard you could also try to pay via 'moneybookers' or 'paypal'. These options will automatically appear in the payment page if they are available to you)."
    I wanted to avoid making payment through paypal etc as I may not be able to dispute the payment if I face any problem from Nonoh. I have used the same creditcard to make payment to justvoip earlier and do not understand Y the payment is not being accepted at Nonoh. Can anybody suggest what to do..
    Pls email to

    Thank you for your comment, I hope my reply would be useful for many users

    With Betamax policy, You can not use the same payment information for different betamax services, I mean you can not use the same credit card for to buy the nonoh credits if you have already used your credit card for justvoip. You must have noticed that you can not use the same login ID information for different betamax.

    if you want to purchase, then you have to use other credit card or another payment option like bank transfer, paypal or moneybookers.

    The above policy applies for paypal or moneybookers, I mean you can not use the same paypal or moneybookers account for different betamax services like justvoip, nonoh, voipbuster, lowratevoip etc. For bank transfer I do not know. I would be happy if somebody can help me.

    If you have another credit card, its good, you can use that, if not then the only option left to you is to open paypal or moneybookers account and buy the credit, using paypal or moneybookers is much simpler than using credit card directly. You need not to give all the details every time you buy on some websites.

    About the dispute of payment if I face any problem from Nonoh, you can also claim with moneybookers and Paypal. Please read the following policies of the company.

    For moneybookers, read the

    Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations at




    For Paypal security system, please read

    I feel that Paypal and moneybookers are good and secured enough.

    With moneybookers you can only open one account, if you try to open two, then will block your account. Paypal offers you two accounts, one personal and another business ot permier account, so with one credit card you can have four options to buy the credits.

    While opening paypal account, choose personal account and if possible choose country as India, now paypal gives you facility to direct withdraw money to your Indian Bank account.

    If you are in US, then Paypal is better and if you are in UK the moneybookers is better. Apart from all these services, you can transfer money to India, for paypal it is free if you transfer more than 7000 INR, and for moneybookers, it will cost you 3.5 EUR by cheque and 1.8 EUR by swift transfer.

    Finally the choice is yours, I think there is no problem in using paypal and money bookers.



  10. Comment by surya

    Dear Vikas,
    I have registered with moneybookers and paypal. I checked money bookers site and to upload funds there are 2 options. one of credit card and other of bank trnasfer. Its mentioned that if bank transfer is made in any other currency, bank charges would be applied. If credit card transaction is used, 1.9% would be charged. I want to use money bookers account to buy credits for nonoh account and make calls. Please instruct me how to go about?

    Also, in money bookers site what would be the exchange rates in INR for that day of transfer. Please tell me about this.


    Reply to comment

    Dear Surya,

    I for the answer of your comment, please goto and read the comments

    Please read the Third comment by RS, fourth comment by Rohit and then answer of their comments by me, I hope your all queries would be clear.

    Finally, if you will use your credit card for nonoh, you will not pay the 1.9% upload fee, you will only pay 10.5 EUR, but please read the comment, I have explained in details.

    Feel free to ask if you have more queries.


  11. Hello Vikas,

    I am from Canada and recently registered with the Moneybookers in Canadian Dollar currency account with my verified Canadian Credit Card. To verify my credit card, Moneybookers withdraw a small amount of 1.12 Euro from my Canadian credit card and my Canadian credit card bank charged me a "Cash Advance Fee" of Cdn $5 (equivalent to a little over $3 Euro).

    I want to buy 15 Euro VOIP credit from the Betamax for the Smartvoip VOIP service using my Moneybookers account. I am trying to figure out that what will be my TOTAL cost of buying 15 Euro VOIP credit from the Betamax through Moneybookers account including all bank / credit card transaction fees??? TOTAL = 15 Euro VOIP Credit + Betamax Trnasaction Charge (it is 0.60 Euro with the PayPal)? + Moneybookers Upload Fee from my Canadian Credit Card? + Currency Exchange Fee? + Canadian Credit Card "Cash Advance Fee"???

    For example, when I bought 15 Euro VOIP credit from Betamax for the SmartVoip VOIP service through my PayPal account, I paid TOTAL = 15 Euro VOIP Credit + 0.60 Euro Betamax Trnasaction Charge + Zero Upload Fee + Zero Canadian Credit Card "Cash Advance Fee" = CDN $ 25.48 on my Canadian Credit Card.

    I am trying to figure out whether Moneybookers will be expensive than PayPal in my case or not to buy 15 Euro VOIP credit from Betamax?

    Thanks for your help.


  12. Dear,

    Since you can not use the same paypal account if you have already used that account in past with other betamax service.
    The use of moenybookers is good option but if you are paying cash advance fee, then its not advisible to use moenybookers to if you endup paying more.

    You can create another personal paypal account and transfer funds from old paypal to new paypal account and buy the credit from betamax. but make sure that you do not have more than two paypal account (one personal and one premium)

    there are some more solutions, please contant me on



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