Monday, November 19, 2007

Caller ID and Caller line identification with betamax, like justvoip, nonoh etc

This blog is not about making free calls, but I thought of writing it because it is useful to use CLI with betamax services like 12voip, Dialnow, Freecall, Internetcalls, Justvoip, Lowratevoip, Netappel, Nonoh, Poivy, Sipdiscount, Smsdiscount, Sparvoip, Voipbuster, Voipbusterpro, Voipcheap, Voipcheap, Voipdiscount, Voipraider, Voipstunt, Voipwise, Webcalldirect, voicetrading etc.

Please note that when I am referring Betamax means any of the above mentioned service that you are using.

This service is free from Betamax. You only pay the cost of SMS from getting the verification code in the case you add a cell phone.

What is CLI?
CLI stands for Caller Line Identity or Caller line Identification, this facility allows customers to see who is calling them before they answer the phone.
Just think how you feel when you receive a call showing Unknown number.

What is Caller ID?
Caller ID is the identity of the caller, with the normal phone or cell phone connection it is default, but if you are using VoIP softphone, then you have to enable this service and set your caller ID. If you have set caller ID as your phone number and whenever you make a call, your phone number (Caller ID) is transmitted along with the call and it is displayed in the receiver’s phone. If you have not set your phone number as a caller ID, then VoIP softphone will consider your user ID as a caller ID and will display Unknown number when you make a call using the softphone.

Yahoo voice, globe7 do not give you facilities to enable your caller ID.

How to activate your caller identification in your Betamax softphone
Goto Tools>>Options>>then click on the Caller ID on the side bar >> >>
Then you will see the phone numbers available from your profile and No Caller ID at the bottom is checked.

You can add upto five phones as your caller ID but you can have only one as a default as a caller ID, If you have not added any phone as your, you will see all the number blank and No Caller ID at the bottom is checked.

To add the number, click on the Edit my xxxxxxx profile (replace xxxxxxxx with your betamax provider like justvoip), you will see a popup window with customize your profile with your phone numbers. You can add up to five numbers in the list of phone numbers.
(Betamax used to provide VoIP-in number, but now it is no more providing it)

Once you will add the number in your profile, click ok.
Then you will see the number in the list of phone numbers available from your profile, and verify. Now click to verify the phone.

If you have added cell phone, you will receive a SMS with the code to activate

If you are adding a landline phone, a code will be displayed on the screen and immediately you will receive a call asking to dial your code, once you type the correct code, you will get a message; thank you your phone is verified.

Do not forget to uncheck the No Caller ID. Otherwise your caller ID will not be activated.

When you use phone to phone calling service from betamax, like nonoh, you do not have any connection fee, your number works as a caller ID, then you need not to set any caller ID.

Rebtel like services works on caller line identification, it identifies your line and the connect you call, you can save the money of local call charges by using the caller line identification. And then you can try the ten min free trial call from rebtel.

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