Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now use Stanacard from Europe, Pay $10 and get $20 with special rate to India.

Stanacard, The most famous VoIP among Indians in USA and Canada has started their service from Europe, now you can use their cards from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and UK.

We have already discussed about Stanacard, It is preferred for it excellent sound quality, cheap rates to India and their never ending referral system, which is the best. If you register with this referral code, you pay $10 and you will get $20, no only this, you are gifted with $10 free call credits for each friend you invite becomes paid user for stanacard. Let’s assume that you invited 25 friends and 5 friends joined stanacard, You will get $50 free call credit and your friends will get $10 free credits each if they make purchase of $10.

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This offer is applicable to all new customers of stanacard worldwide, using this stanacard referral code “238021” . Stanacard is in business for many years, Its safe to give credit card information.

Recently they reduced the rates to India, now you can call for just $0.047, with this offer, your effective rate is only 2.35 cents even if you do not refer any friends, Each referral reduces the rate by half.

I think, it is worth to try Stanacard. If you have two numbers and two credit cards, you can refer your self and get $50 for $20.

Stanacard offers almost all VoIP services, like PIN less dialing with CLI, multiple number registration, local access numbers for Europe, USA with toll free in USA.

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