Monday, January 19, 2009

indiaminutes or india4cents : Are they fake voip sites or offering call to India for just 1.9 cents?

Something is very cheap means, something is suspicious..., Be careful when you see something very cheap without offer..., today we will bring you three websites or domains having same structure which claims to offer regular call rate to India for just 1.9 cents per minute.

These website are

Which claims to be the part of

I doubt, its a fake site or a real site..., But I am not 100% sure...,The things which makes me feel doubtful are
  • These sites do not verify the verisign logo.
  • These sites do not use https (secure) registrations.
  • These sites ask for the credit card information on the first page itself.
  • Does not provide local access number(s) on the website.
  • We also tried to dial their contact toll free number 866-999-7733, but could not reach as it was outside dialing area.

If any of you have use this site without any problems then please let us know.., otherwise consider these sites as a fake site and stay away from it. We have already intimated you about such fraud sites

Be careful when you come across such sites and become victim of any online fraud, I request you to immediately report to us.


  1. I contacted them at their toll free number and it works perfectly and looks genuien. I do not have any account with them yet but their customer care rep. was very helpful. Also, I checked their website, it does carrie the verisign logo. I want to use their service, but i've some hesitation. Please let me know if somebody has used their service.

  2. Min talk time to buy is $20, nothing about refunds. Rates on the front and Rates menu doesn't match.
    Looks like they changed the rates after reading this blog :-)

  3. If anyone has used the is also offering rate of 1.9cent a minute....Vikas can you tell me something about that site....Thanks

  4. IndiaLD charges you for 30 minutes if you speak for 15 minutes.

    When you buy 1000 minutes who cares abt checking how long you have been on the phone. But once when I did check things up, I was shocked to say the least.

    These are scumbags who will just run with your money. What a guy said before is true "Something is very cheap means, something is suspicious"...

  5. have verisign on their page. I called their Cust Care and talked to the rep, he says the co has been in business for 3-4months. If some1 has bought this, please let us know.

  6. Hello Winder,
    Yes, have verisign on their page.. but it should be verified by the verisign which is not the case.., Reports from other sites confirms that its not fake site, but I am still not sure which kind of business model they have. Use it on your own risk.

  7. I am using Indiaminutes it is ok not that good. When it connects you are fine even with the quality but you won't be able to connect to all numbers. Like when I was calling certain cell/Land line numbers it keeps on asking to enter the destination number again and again.
    Regrading the Verisign and https it good as other sites.

  8. here is a Reuters article regarding these two sites. These were launched by iTeknik Holding Corp. And they are sort of industry leaders. So one can assume that these are not fake sites -

  9. is THE worst card. won't get refund; can't cancel; won't get any response from customer care. pls. post if some one could ever able to get the cancel the a/c.

  10. I use Yupeephone ( I have the Unlimited Package and I use more than 3000 minutes a month for $39.95. Good quality.

  11. I doubt about IndiaMinutes, they even ask for the registered phone no with credit card. Why ??
    I think this site/company is part of some middle-east/arab origin. I'm not comfortable providing too much of details of my credit card.

  12. Hey Guys,
    I am the victim of Indiaminutes..they are scam.
    They took my $20 and not ready to return.
    my story : I took their service around one month back but i am unable to call anybody in India. Whenever i call, the india minute operator says that the number which you are dialing is not valid..and its the same number i am calling for last many years...i tried so many other numbers still the same problem
    Then i reported this problem to Indiaminutes they said they will fix in 48hours and that 48hrs never came. then i finally decided to get my money back after one week as its mention on their website that 100% monyback.
    i called them and said i want my money back they asked so many questions and finally said ok u will get your money back in 48hours.
    after 2 weeks again i called up and asked for my money...they said we never get call for closing ur a/c ok now i registering ur compaint and u will get ur money back in 48hrs aagaing after 1 1/2 week same reply we never get call.
    and the same thing is continuing for whole month and finally i asked my credit card company to take care of them.

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  14. how is

  15. ITS A BIG FRAUD. I LOST 20 $ WITH indiaminutes.COM

  16. Ravi Shares his experience with indiaminutes where he lost 20+20 USD
    Hey Guys,

    Please do not click the link from your mail id if you get the mail from india minutes, see the details below. When I click the link they took my $40 from my CC. Then I called the customer care and they said teh same answer within 48hrs your issue will be resolved. But when I asked the coplaint number immediately they disconnected my call. please aware of this

    As the President of I wanted to contact you directly and offer you $20.00 free to try our service again and to apologize for the recent customer service and call quality issues you may have experienced with our service.
    Dear Customer,
    Due to the tremendous response to our call capacity on our highest quality direct routs to India were being exceeded on a daily basis.

    As a result you may not of received the highest standard of service we demand, and that you should expect as our valued customer.

    The good news is our recent quality issues are behind us! We have increased our call capacity on our direct India routs to ensure every call receives our highest standard of service.

    Because you may have experienced trouble I would like to credit your account an additional $20.00 ABSOLUTLY FREE!

    Click the link below and your account will be recharged for $20.00 and an additional $20.00 will be added for free. We hope this gift will allow us the chance to earn your business back.

    We look forward to providing you the best rates and highest quality service for many years.

    Thank you,
    Jeff Lauzon, President
    Every promo link is always longer than the website link and may contain some words like ref, GCLID or some random alphabets and number, so be careful next time

  17. I liked the card.
    So I charged $20 third time.
    After that, it started reducing my minutes even if I never talked. Yesterday I called to two numbers. One call for two minutes and another call for one minute. It charged 73 minutes for the second call even if I hanged up in less than minute.

    One more crappy story from a bogus Indian company. They need to learn what is the customer service. Calling them doesn't resolve them.

  18. This is one of the worst service calling service i have ever had.There response is 3rd fix calling charges.
    Customer care are totally stupid people which don't know how to talk a customer.

  19. i used the card twice..But i never noticed at the call records before .i found some problem in conneting india number .so i switched to other service. then months later i got 20 discount email, i was trying to see what the offer is about.Unintentionally account has been recharged with 20$. then i decided to use it again if they give me 20 $ free. after 48 hours i got 20 $ additional gets credited. I started calling ..this time i am facing more more poor quality of in connecting number..also u will be disconnected at any time during the call..u will not hear any thing from other end..sometimes, u will get connected without hearing any ring..sometimes it works..i thought lets use 40$ i have even there is such problem..after few days i saw my call records and and observed they are doing two fraud things..1. if i call for 20 min they are registering as 25, 35 anything...2. they are charging 2.5 c to 3.5c per min anything fix rate ..i have used multiple times before but never noticed these things..they might have done earlier also..i called customer care ..everytime they are saying we r logging a complaint and will be resolved in 48 hours..everytime same reply..

  20. I have been using IndiaMinutes and i am certainly not happy with the service. Yes its not fake but the call rates are strange the actual bill charges are not in any relation to what they promise on the website. For example i was charged $2.04 for 68 minutes i expect something less than $1.30. The customer care is good for nothing they can just launch a complain for which no action is ever taken

    Please do not buy

    Thank you

  21. bunch of pakistani crooks

  22. This is worst service i have ever seen. They tell you they are going to charge you only 1.9c but after sometime they charge you more than
    3cents a minute. The customer care is worst at its part.Every time you give a call they say 48hrs to resolve that 48hrs never completes. Im never going to use it again

  23. ya sucks...these guys never charge according to the given rates...randomly charge whatever they feel like...and if you complaint will say it will be resolved in 48 hrs...but that 48 hrs never get over...and if you ask for a case number they will just give their name and extension number...and if you call again they wont transfer the call to that extension number...bastards...

  24. Hi Indiaminutes is Genuine site, I have been using it for now, Some times the access number goes down but once u call there customer care they are back on track in 30 - 40 mins or so. Good if u are calling in New delhi, that too mobile. if BSNL or home phones there charges are High.

  25. Indiaminutes is a genuine site with good service, I have been using it for 4 months now, some times access numbers don't connect but u call customer care and its back up in 30 - 40 mins, good for delhi mobile numbers not for landlines esp BSNL. IndiaLD is pathtic, I had to get refund.

  26. I am using Indiaminutes ...there is no problem with card so far...

  27. these india are stupids, bastads, fuckers, idiots, rascals, scamers, scoundrals, bitchers, luchaas, I will file a case on them.
    Don't go for this ever........

  28. I am using and I am not facing any prob till now. I have found a new site It seems to be nice. In 34$ we can talk unlimited. any one has an idea about it?

  29. Hi guys,

    cant we take any step again Indiaminutes? Even I have lost my $20. my account has been compromised thats what they say when I dial the access number, Since more than a month. neither they are giving my money back nor they are reactivating my account. everytime i call, they say 48 hours. 48 HOURS SUCKS... which never come.. Assholes..

  30. IndiaMinutes....I am using for 6 months....pretty good...Go for it


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