Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freevcalls keeps promise, Free Pingo trial cards worth $10 sent to contestants

I hope you have received your trial card, Procedure for Registering for this Free trail Card::

STEP 1 : Click here to go to Pingo to use your trial card.
STEP 2 : Enter Trial Coupon Code, your valid email id and telephone number with other details.
STEP 3: You will receive an Email for verification and activation of your account. After this you are ready to go.

You can continue your Pingo Account Later when your balance got finished by recharging it.

If you think that you have participated in the contest and have not received the trial card, you can leave a comment with your email ID, we will check it and issue you the new trial card.

I really thank you for tour patience and having faith in FreeVcalls Blog. As we have promised earlier about your free Pingo calling Card. Now have sent Two 5$ cards worth $10, as a gift to all the friends who participated in Free 350$ Pingo Calling card Give-away Contest during Christmas and New Year. Earlier we have faced one problem with Pingo, but now the Card validity problem has been resolved. We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Please note that you have to register both cards from different phone numbers, if you have only one number with you, then you can give another card to your friend as a gift from you.

If you have not participated in the contest but want the trial card, we are happy to give you. Just discuss freevcalls among your friends or in your favorite forum.

Thanks again, It’s your support that keeps us working and brings you the cheap and free call offers to you through this blog.


  1. Hi Vikas,

    I had participated in that contest with my email ID

    But I dint get any pingo card from you.
    please verify my email Id and send me the trial card.


  2. Hi Vikas,
    I had participated inthat contest -Id I received mails but it have no Trail coupon code.
    Please send again for me and my friends

    Thanking You
    Sijo baby

  3. Hi Vikas ,
    Thanks for all , I didnt receiveid any Trial coupon code..
    my ID is :

    Thanking You

  4. Hi
    thanks, i dondnt received any trial coupan

    my id is -
    please send it



  5. Me too...i dint receive any trial email-id is

  6. i hve suggested your site to lots of my friends,most of them are also international students like me....and are getting great benefits from various new deals....i didnt got your trial id is

  7. It might have worked for few people but sorry to say that, to me it looks fake, simply because it didnt work as it was publicized. I did participate earlier in december and sent reminder emails as per requested procedure that coupon code is not received, no result!!! So how one can go and talk about you on other forums when something doesnt work as it is publicised? Is it fair that just for the sake of getting one coupon code we give others false information. Well, I would prefer rather not to do it. And good luck to those who received the copouns.

  8. hi
    i didn't recieve any trial coupon code
    my id :
    thanks in advance

  9. hi vikas,

    thanks for two trial card as promised by u.
    i jst can't understand why people can't be patient. how can they forget about the numerous offers from ur blog which has helped everybody.
    once again thanks & i want to say that i have full faith in ur blog


  10. Hi vikas
    I had not participated in the contest but I would like to get the the trial email id is

  11. Hi vikas,

    Thank you somuch for your quick response and sending me the $10 worth trial card coupons ...
    your blog is really very helpful for all of us...
    you are doing a very great work...keep doing man...
    once again thank you somuch for sending me the cards..


  12. Hi Vikas,

    I had participated in the contest by using my email ID
    But i dint get my trial cards yet..
    Please send me my trial cards ..
    your blog is really a very appreciative one..
    Thanks for posting the great links...

  13. I have yet to be able to use that card that was sent.

    Pingo asked for the following:
    Please provide the following information for verification so we can
    continue processing your request.

    -Pingo account number
    -First and Last Name as it appears on the credit card
    -Billing Address
    -Contact Number
    -correct email address

    I have no clue why they need my credit card number. I am frustrated with all the hoops I have to jump to get this card!

  14. I have not received anything though I entered the contest. jgarner_at_alloymail_dot_com


  15. My first message is for Cheena who mentioned about patience, well I agree with you people should have at least some patience but when things don't work for weeks and months in this fast world that's not patience, that's logic. Hope you must be referring to short term only.
    My 2nd message is to Vikas for thanking him for sending the message. For your info, my intention to leave a message here was actually to let other people know what me and many other around felt. Otherwise I wasn't really willing to spend more time just to get the coupons. I would rather highlight the fact that you admitted there was at least some sort of problem. Wouldn't it be good idea to give that idea to your readers in future so a scenario is not created for negative comments. Though I should thank you anyway for your quick response. Thx

  16. i didnt participate but i am daily visiting this site because it is always updated !!!!!
    any how can i get trial coupon!!!!!my id

  17. my pingosoftphone is not appearing on the screen...i am using latest version of java....but everytime it loads for a sec and close automatically....can anybody fix this id is
    and my thanks to freevcalls for sending me my trial cards...

  18. hi
    i did not received the card yet, please send it to


  19. Hi Vikas

    Though i participated I did not get free calling card. My mail id is

  20. Hi vikas
    I had not participated in the contest but I would like to get the the trial card.
    My email id is

    Thank you for all your help and support.

    God bless you.


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  22. thanks for the trial card.

  23. i am using free call & action voip its cheep calling card good sound quality my email is

  24. i didnt got trial code my id

  25. Hi Vikas,

    I didn't receive the trial card. Please send to my mail id

    Thanks in Advance


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