Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free calls from Australia to India ::

Hello readers, If you are living in Australia then its a good news for you. is providing free calls to Many destinations (Including India). Free calling destinations includes India, Pakistan , Bangladesh,China, USA,France, Germany. for full list goto

No need to signup,Register, or any payment. You just need to call there access number and dial your destination number.

This is very good for people who have free calling plans to call Australian mobile.(for free calling to Australia refer to our previous posts.

STEP 1:: Call access number

Dial the access number 0424 215 152, Press 1 to make calls.

STEP 2:: Dial destination

At any time during the prompt you can dial the international number. Prefix 0011 + Country code + Destination Number + # e.g. To call India 0011 91 9812345678 # Get connected straight away in the cost of local mobile call

For more information logon to



  1. they are not allowing to make calls to pakistan..can anyone check?


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