Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gloobo: Free worldwide calls from Italy, Germany, Romania, Swiss, Latvia, Poland, Spain, U.K.

Gloobo, Call international and pay local is offering 1 EUR equivalent free calls worldwide (Including India) from Italia (Italy),Deutschland (Germany), Romania, Svizzera (Swiss), Latvia,Poland,Spain, U.K.

The website is in Italy, we will help you to get the free calls, its very simple

Please follow these steps.

Click here to visit gloobo.it site
Select your country under "ADESSO PROVA TU GRATIS:"
Means "try for free now" It will let you know how many free minutes you can call. For India, its 17 minutes.

Now fill the following columns
IL TUO NOME: (Your name)
IL TUO CELL: (Your cell number which you will use to call)

IL SUO NOME: (Your friends/family Name whom you are calling)
IL SUO N° ESTERO: (His number in international format, for India, it is 009122XXXXXXXX)

After filling this form, pleach check the box to accept the t & c "Acconsento al trattamento dei miei dati personali come indicato nella pagina Info Privacy e P.IVA"

Then click on the green Button

Please follow the screen shot.

After clicking, if everything is ok, you will get a local access number which is connected to your destination number, now dial the access number from the registered phone, your destination number will ring and you are ready to talk for free.

Apart from this they are also running double money money offer, means they are offering 20€ if you make a purchase of 10€.

Enjoy free calling...


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  2. friends u can only call from spain, switzerland and netherlands...Not from US....sucks.

  3. how i call??
    i dont now how

  4. I want to call but do not know how we were called gloobo viop odd but said that number correctly, how to call you? i have the one free call


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