Monday, November 24, 2008

Nymgo: Cheapest calls to India and Asia (limited destinations) with monthly subscription

Update: Montly subscription is descontiued by nygmo, but now you can use their new Pay as you go rate to India, which is 1.3 cents for India mobile (click here for details)

India is the most popular destination for VoIP calls. All the new voip companies think India first and then something else. Today we will talk about a new voip provider Nymgo "Take your Time", which belongs Splendor Telecom LTD. It comes with an impressive Monthly Subscription plan if you spend more than 1700 minutes (almost 28 hours) over the phone, then this could be a good option for you.

Click here to go to Nymgo web site

The Good:

nymgo provides 1750 minutes with $20 monthly subscription under Asia and Australia plan. This plan includes selected destinations of seven Asian countries including India.

The Bad:
All Indian numbers are not included in this plan, only the following destinations are allowed which has less termination cost. Almost all the VoIP calls to India are routed through these location.
India (Ahmedabad) 9179
India (Bangalore) 9180
India (Calcutta) 9133
India (Chennai) 9144
India (Hydrabad) 9140
India (Mobile) 9198,9197,9196,9191,9190
India (Mobile) 9199
India (Mobile) 9193
India (Mobile) 9192
India (Mumbai) 9122
India (New Delhi) 9111
India (Pune) 9120

You can see that BSNL mobile is not included in the list. For BSNL mobile and other destinations their pay as you go rates very from 4.9 cents to 6.4 cents for India (Rajasthan, Bihar etc.)

We have not checked this service before publishing this article, so not sure about the call quality but you can claim your refund if you are not satisfied with their service.

Is it worth for you to try?? then go for it...., You need ot download and install Nymgo Messenger to make the phone call, You can recharge your account through online purchase of subscription plans or Nymgo Messenger credit or, through buying Nymgo prepaid calling cards available in most markets. To check for the nearest reseller of Nymgo prepaid calling cards.

We would like to remind that you can make free calls, just go through the previous posts of this blogs.


  1. I have tried NYMGO, bought the $10 pay as you go.
    i have been using it for the last two days, the audio looks to be good. i guess I will switch to their monthly plan when i finish my credits now.

  2. i have tried is very good and the rates are incredible. i will recommend the service provide to the cost conscious user.

  3. I am using monthly plan of Nymgo and think this is the best option which you can have if you talk a lot.
    I also suggest to use their other plan as that too is cheap when compared to others like intervoip, voipwise.
    One more think which i want to tell is that by nymgo you can call to BSNL landline and mobile too besides others.

  4. I tried the Nymgo asia australia package, its great up till now!

  5. i used nymgo asia australia package last month. now this package is not available i think. you can buy pay as you go plan only.

  6. Hello,
    very bad service fraudulous company. I pay 14.99$ to have world package, I can't call to france; the technical support (butcher support) said that I must restart my computer. puffff

    So be aware from this company, and I want that he refund my dollars

  7. very good service and excellent prices ...its the cheapest and very good till now

  8. Please guide me about nymgo refund process

  9. Hi i am using this service. but after the first 4 days i lost the service and not able to reconnect. i didnot finish the bundle its still 60% balance. how can i reuse my bundle. whenever i try to use, i get the message the SIP no available. Please help me to reconnect

  10. Hi,
    No issue its a cheapest voip provider yet now, but some area they need to improve are:-

    1-Voice quality is not good as we expects.
    2-Delay in transferring voice from one end to other end.
    3-Can't able to call all tele subscriber in India.


  11. does anybody have any idea about how to recharge account from the recharge card? I just downloaded the software and created the account, I don't see any option where I can recharge from the recharge card.

  12. NYMGO SUCKS -here's an excerpt of my e-mail to

    From aug. 29, 2009 to Nov. 17 2009 i almost have 400USD purchase of Pay-as-you-go service. Now here is my complaint.

    1. my 20USD purchase under xxxxxx user account was not loaded but my bank confirmed that i got charged.
    2. my 10USD purchase under xxxxx user account is also not loaded but charged to my credit card.

    i called nymgo over the phone and the call center agent can't do anything about this but instead telling me to e-mail nymgo.

    i e-mailed nymgo but no reply until now......

    Would you blame me blogging this ?

  13. Hello,i work for Nymgo Support and we always try our best to respond promptly to all the customers inquiries ,for some reason maybe you didn't get our reply ,any way please drop us an E-mail to and we shall take special care of it and will solve the problem you are facing.

  14. Hello,
    I am a Nymgo reseller. I'm from Bangladesh. Suddenly for my personal problem I've decided to stop VoIP business. I've some Nymgo credit (1000 Dollar) in my hand now. I want to sell this nymgo credit by less price. If anyone want to buy please contact with me.
    Its urgent.
    My yahoo or google messenger id: setup02
    Mobile: 8801680828338



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