Friday, November 14, 2008

eFax: Free incoming FAX number, Send and receive fax by email

Few days back we posted about sending free fax to USA and CANADA. Today we will discuss about eFax which allows you to Send and receive fax directly from your mail box without Fax machine and they also provide fax numbers in more than 40 countries, like USA, UK, Italy, Germany, India too etc.

The purpose of writing this blog is let you know about this service, you can keep in mind and use it whenever you require. There are so many providers who provide facility to receive fax without a fax machine, i.e. directly to your email. But they charge your from 2$ to 5$ per message. We have found one website by which you can receive fax in your email, when anybody sends you fax to your unique US FAX number.

To send and receive the free fax
  • Click here to go to EFAX free signup
  • Please check your mail and activate the service
  • They will provide your desired FAX incoming number randomly.
  • You need to give this number to your friend to send you a fax.
To read
  • Whenever your friend send you fax ,it will directly come to your email id, as an attachment.
  • To view that attachment you need to download one software(E FAX messenger) which is available free of cost on their website. msgrplus.exe (i2 Global communications, Inc.)
  • Install the software and validate with your login.
  • Now just open the attachment with the software. You have your fax with you.
They will ask you to upgrade to premium service but it is optional. So enjoy this free service with high quality FAX receiving. We have tested this service. There is no time lag in receiving the fax, you will receive the fax immediately.

We checked this service sending fax from USA to Italy, and fax arrived in less than one minute to my mail box. 


  1. hi is this free? because i have tried to sign up but they are asking for creditcard information and there is some USD10 one time fee plus USD16. If any one has created free account please advice

  2. Hi Milap,

    The link for free fax had been changed by efax..., the new link is

    Here you can register without any problem..

    We tried the service and its working..

    Vikas & Rahul

  3. Hi, I actually use an fax to email service too and I find it much much cheaper than your regular fax machine to fax machine especially when faxing long distance. It's only 2.5 cents per minute on my Onesuite Fax Plus account and receiving is always free.

  4. i just tried signing up now, and it seems the "start faxing" button on their website doesn't work. i put in all my name/email/phone and click, but nothing happens. no spinning, sending, searching. nothing. do you have this problem too?

  5. I had the same problem: The Efax free service web page has a JavaScript error: the "Start Faxing" button DOES NOT WORK. I tried this in three different web browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera), and it failed in all. EFax does not seem to be in a hurry to fix this.

  6. Efax gets a bad rep sometimes, but you can't argue with free. I think this free service has been down for awhile now - hopefully the will fix it soon.

  7. i wanna know that how do i ragister the efax no because every time i was trying to from india to usa they didn't recieved any fax

  8. In my Firefox browser, Efax has disabled my Windows XP Fax. When I try to print to Windows Fax (to send the page as a fax to someone), nothing happens.

    Problems does NOT occur with other programs such as IE 8, Word etc.

  9. I just signed up for one account, but then when I went to sign up for another the button didn't work. I tried using a different computer and I had the same error...

  10. Choose an internet fax service that can send at least 150 fax documents per month. You must make sure that they have a good service and available for most of the time.


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