Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nexus123: 10 Minutes free trial call with 50% discount up to 35 dollars.

Nexus123, by NexUStel is offering 10 min free trial calls to across world ( including India). No need to pay or enter any card information. Just enter your name, valid email id and phone number. Activate service by clicking link in your mailbox. Thats all, Once you receive the confirmatin, you are ready to make the call. If you have some free time, you can try this.

To sign up to 10 free minutes... click here

To make the call
  • Call the nearest access number available and press 2 for english
  • then number in 011+country code+number format followed by # key
  • Call quality is good.
  • You can use the free trial for only one time, so finish all minutes in one instance.

Do not try the hacks, it will not work with nexus.

If you like their services & want to continue then, subscribe for Nexus123.Platinum plan,It has $2.99 monthly fee. apart from that no other hidden charges. call rate for India is around 6 cents /min.

Well that`s not enough they are running one promotion to provide you 50% discount for initial purchases of more than 20$. that means for 70 $ purchase you need to pay only 35$ .
So effective rate will become 3cents/min to India.

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