Monday, November 3, 2008

VoxOx: Two hours of free calls plus free USA incoming number

UPDATE: Voxox service extended to all destination including India (click here)

VoxOx is a multiple desktop service supported by Telcentris Inc.,. It offers all the services that you can think, starting from calling service, VoIP, call conferencing, video, instant messaging, SMS, Caller ID, e-mail, fax and social networking, integration with gtalk, yahoo, AOL, msn etc.

However you get two hours (120 mins) of free calls to call USA and Canada with one free USA incoming number to receive the call. You get further 120 minutes free for each referral when you invite your friend.

They have developed application for windows and mac books and soon launch it for linux based PCs. You need to download and install the application in oreder to use its services.

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Only USA and Canada are included in the free calls, if you try for other countries you will get error.

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  1. i need for indian land lines from my land line


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