Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wadja :: Send free SMS to World

We are really sad about what is happening in Mumbai today, The culprit should be caught immediately.. We share our deepest condolences.

Wadja is a social networking website, like orkut and facebook. Wadja has taken one step beyond any social networking website by providing FREE SMS across the world.

There are are several other reasons behind success of Wadja like....

• Web messages, emails and free SMS
• Deliver messages to any mobile phone
• Keep in touch with Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail friends
• Upload photos and videos
• Embed favorite YouTube Flickr and Metacafe media
• Edit and crop photos
• Email and send media to friends

And the best part is you will get Message delivery report in your wadja mail box....

Click here to goto Wadja

OR if you want to access from mobile visit


  1. Hi vikas,
    Today, I came to know about one website ( It is offering $5.00 for free trail. I even didn't check about it. If possible check this one and post in your blog. This might helps to many who follow your blog.


  2. Hi Madhu,

    Thanks for the link, I have posted it.

    Thanks Again..


  3. piece of shit once my sms was sent after 2 days... yes I bought credits

  4. Thanks for the information in this post.


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