Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tringme special offer: Call India at 2.95 cents per min after the first 15 mins.

Tringme claims the following...

On this festive occasion, call your family and friends in India at 2.95 cents/min and around the world at some of the best rates available.

India: 2.95 cents
US: 1 cent
Uk: 1 cent
Singapore: 1 cents
China: 1.3 cents
and more...

As always, no minimum recharge is needed, neither any hidden fee to get this special offer.

This is a limited time offer so make a call now!

The reason for writing this blog is to make you aware that 2.95 cents are after the first 15 mins. For the first minutes of the call you will be charged 4.95 cents per minute.

For example, if you make a call for 60 minutes, then for the first 15 mins of your call, you will be charged 4.95 cents per minute. For the rest of the duration, in this case 45 mins, you will be charged US 2.95 cents per min. Effective rate 3.45 cents per minute. Still you think that you can save some money on the longer calls, you can buy the credit and call right away.

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Enjoy cheap calling

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