Thursday, August 27, 2009

3GUNLIMITED.CA offers Unlimited Calls to INDIA in 19.95USD per month

3GUNLIMITED.CA is offering free unlimited call package for INDIA. 3GUNLIMITED is associate company of 3G Digital Solutions INC. In current offer they are offering three packages for Calling to INDIA. These package includes both unlimited and regular calling Packages.

Let’s first review their services

(+) Cheapest Unlimited call to INDIA package with year subscription
(+) No Equipment required
(+) Calling through Access numbers
(+) Unlimited package from USA and CANADA
(+) Multiple Payment through Check and Credit Card
(+) No Fair Use policy for unlimited plan ,Talk as much as you can
(+) No worry of Connection Fee or disconnection Fee
(-) One Time activation Fee of 10$ for both regular and unlimited plan
(-) No SIP facility
(-) High order Processing Time
(-) No money Back guarantee

Check Details about 3GUNLIMITED here

Packages …

1.INDIA UNLIMITED Year plan @ 19.95$/month

This plan offers true unlimited calling to INDIA. You need to make a commitment of 1 year to use a package rate of 19.95$/month. Onetime activation fee of $10 will be applied. Access no can be dialed from USA and CANADA only. 3GUNLIMITED.CA has a fair coverage for getting you Local Access no. you can find the list of access number from following link..

2.INDIA UNLIMITED Monthly plan @ 24.95$/month

This plan offer same facilities as in UNLIMITED 19.95$/month plan, The only difference is you don’t need to make 1 year contract.

3.INDIA Regular @ effective rate of 3.9 cents/min

This plan offers solution to non frequent callers. In this plan you will get 1000 Minutes to India for 6 months in just 29USD. An activation fee of 10$ will be applied on this package which will make effective rate to 3.9cents/min. The main highlight for this plan is you will get access numbers from 24 countries. BUT wait rate of 2.9 cents/min will be only applicable if you call from USA or Cananda. For all other countries rates are much higher.

We do not have experience fo buying credit from this website but we found that This website uses 3G Digistal solutions payment gateway for the payment which is verified GeoTrust. SO you can trust this service and buy India unlimited credit if you like.


  1. Is this really a reliable company.... they should have paypal option....

    and why rates from other countries are very high....... :(

  2. is this unlimited is really a unlimited or there is any FAIR USAGE POLICY... is also providing unlimited plan...but if you read the conditions, its mentioned that if any one use more than 2000 minutes, their account will be at last we say that its no unlimited...but its 2000 minutes in $25...which comes to around 1.2 cents per minute......

    is there any condition like this in this plan also ?


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