Friday, October 31, 2008

28TEL: 100 mins Free International Call from Brazil, China, HongKong, Korea, Tiwan, Japan and USA.

Thanks to the anonymous user for letting us know about 28TEL. It is Chinese company, offering $1-$2 free calls from Brazil, China, HongKong, Korea, Tiwan, Japan and USA to all over the world via their access number.

Click here to register and get free calls
(INDIA included)

This service has not been tested by me, Why don't you try and let us know about it quality. I hope it is worth trying to get around 20-30 Minutes of free calls.

Have you tried $5.00 Free call to India??? Hurry! Register Today !!

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  1. I ain't phoning anybody in a country named "Tiwan"? Hmmmm...sounds suspicious to me. :)

  2. hey guys it works ..I have tried 28TEL .... i got $1.50 credit for free internatinal calls.

  3. he bt hw to make a call frm 28tel do u hv 2 download

  4. Hi,

    I got $2 worth of free calls. Also we get additional minutes if we enter Bonus Code. If u know pls share with us.
    Thanks in advance!!!


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