Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pennytel Back again with Untimed or unlimited to India plus 70 more countries.

We discussed about pennytel as one of the best option to call India for the people who like to talk till they drop the phone (click here). Now this Diwali season, pennytel has Included India in untimed call.

For this offer you will pay 38.8 cents per call, independent of the length of the calls. If you talk for one hours, the effective rate is almost half a cent. You can compare your effective rates depending your the number of calls and time spent on each call. Follow this table

This pennytel has been tested and verified from USA to India by Rahul Bansal, who is actively using this service. This blog is written by him.

Pennytel is offering Untimed calls (i.e. unlimited call) to INDIA under TALK TILL YOU DROP plan. (Valid Up to 30th Nov 2008)

It’s very easy to sign up - Follow these steps--

Step 1: Go to Pennytel (click Here)

Step 2: Enter your email address, password and location

Step 3: By default they will give you, Free access timed plan.

Step 4: Log in with you details and click on create wallet link in left menu.
You have to enter your credit card information. After that Pennytel will charge your card for tiny amount (around 0.5 AUS $) just for verification. In order to verify your card details you need to enter that amount in verify my card link.
For those who live outside Australia, the amount in your statement will be you default currency (for example for US people it will be converted in to US$). So you have to get amount in AUS $ from your bank. Once you enter that amount you are ready to use your card.
(They will revert this amount within 7 days)

Step 5: click on “change plan” in left menu.

Step 6: now select “Talk Till you drop” plan. They will charge you 5 AUS $(arr 3.2 USD).

Step 7: now you can recharge your account with any amount.

This is what you have to setup with Penneytel.

Now how to use the service ???

Option 3: (best one)

Go to counterpath website, click here
Download Xlite and install it.
Open application and right click go to SIP ACCOUNT Settings as follows

Option 2:
You can use Pennytel soft phone dialer, right from your internet explorer. But call quality will not be good.

Option 3:
If you have VOIP SIP device you can use it by configuring with given settings given on Pennytel Website.

Now you are ready to call, just dial the number in international format
For India 0091-Indian number, Each call can last up to 2 hours (till now I have got this much)

Apart from this calling service you will get many services, please check the website

This is not finished you can call 70 countries untimed for 8 AUS cents And more 70 countries for 38.88 AUS cents

This can be very useful for those who use to talk long… here is the monthly expense comparison

Effective rates also includes your monthly charges

Enjoy talking ……………… and happy diwali


  1. Hi Rahul
    Wish a veru happy diwali. I tried on pennytel as guided by u but at card verifying point it is saying.
    ''Verification Failed
    You have not entered the correct amount. Please make sure you have the right amount. You have only a total of three tries and after that, your Credit Card will be blocked from our System.

    If this problem persists and you believe you entered the right amount, please contact Support''.

    While I entered the amount that my bank customer support told me, One thing could not get. As i m from canada in what cuurrency should i enter the amount they charged me in canadian currency $ 1.22. Then i asked how many australian $ r that CND $ becoming or shown there. She told me it is being Aus $ 1.55 i entered that amount aus $ 1.55 but it is saying I have not entered correct amount. could you tell me please how that work,

    Is the amount they charge shown in Australian dollers online so that i can see what they charged in aust $ when it will be entered online on my account. as my account shows transactions in two to three days
    hope you will reply

  2. Hidden in the whole page was this: "Step 6: now select “Talk Till you drop” plan. They will charge you 5 AUS $(arr 3.2 USD)."

    Can you please elaborate on this? What's that all about? I want to make sure I don't miss anything.

  3. Hi Ravi

    they will charge you in AUS $ only. but your bank will convert it to your default currency. so you can get in touch with the bank to get the exact amount in AUS $ or you can contact pennytel live online support. they will tell you what amount you should enter after verifying few details......


  4. My wife is in India and i was looking for something like this. I have registered it keeping my finger crossed. If it is really working, then it will save me good money :)

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  6. I couldn't find any free softphone which supports g729/g723 codecs recommended by pennytel. Can u please share your xlite audio codec screenshot also!

  7. Hi Aks

    you can use the dialer which we have posted in our site and do setup like we have posted the screenshot. i am sure you wont require anything else, i am using same X-Lite dialer


  8. Thanks, it worked but voice quality was poor. Anyway, its cheap so i will still use it. And the call got disconnect after 60 mins (they might have put an upper limit in place). You may also want to include in your blog. There minimum plan for calls to india is 2.9c/min, but on if you buy it on a Thursday, it is 1.9c/min. Another glitch is that they charge 4 minutes for each 3 minute call to india mobile :(

  9. Let me ask again. :(

    Hidden in the whole page was this: "Step 6: now select “Talk Till you drop” plan. They will charge you 5 AUS $(arr 3.2 USD)."

    Can you please elaborate on this? What's that all about? I want to make sure I don't miss anything.

  10. There is a monthly fee 5 AUS $, it will charged to you.

    Anyway the call rate table include this charge.
    You have to pay this even if you do not make any call

    I hope its clear now.



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