Friday, October 24, 2008

Call India and china at 5 cents per minute from your Italy wind mobile SIM

Good News for Indians living in Italy. The most popular mobile company "Italy Wind or iwind" among the foreigners in Italy has come up with 5 cent/min calling plan to India and china. This plan is offered against the TIM welcome home (click here) offered by TIM Italy which is not customer (foreigner) friendly at all.

This blog is written by Rohan Fernandes, Rohan is doing his PhD from University of Trento, Italy. If you are interested in writing a blog, you are welcome to write.

Calling India is much more easy now with Wind mobile. The "Call your Country" plan allows you to call India at 5 cents/min with a 15 cent connection charge. This Scheme is allowed for pre-paid customers only. So, if you call for 30 min, you will be charged 1.65 EUR. Its not the cheapest, but gives you convinience to call India directly from the mobile.

1. Activating the Scheme costs you EUR 7, which is free if you get a new new SIM (until 8 February 09).
2. Customers already using the plan 'Call your country' with a call rate of 15cents/min, Will have to re-activate the Scheme to avail the call rates of 5cent/min. Re-activation cost is EUR 7.
3. The rent of the Plan is EUR 4 for 6 months , which is free for the first 6 months after the activation.

How to activate?
To Activate the Scheme, follow one of the procedure.

* Login to, click on "Take Action Now" at the top right of this page.
* Send an SMS to 4533 with the text ESTERO SI.
* Takes a Wind Card, call 4242 and follow the voice instructions guide.
Visit your nearest wind office for more details

Global Rates
Zone 1 (India and China)
5 centesimi/minuto

Zone 2 (Bangladesh, Philippines Etc.)
10 centesimi/minuto

Zone 3 (Pakistan, Brazil, Peru etc.)
15 centesimi/minuto

Zona 1: Cina, India.
Zona 2: Albania Rete Fissa, Bangladesh, Filippine, Polonia Rete Fissa, Romania Rete Fissa, Russia e Ucraina.
Zona 3: Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Brasile, Cile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egitto, Ghana, Moldavia, Nigeria, Pakistan, PerĂ¹, Uruguay, Senegal, Sri-Lanka e Venezuela.

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  1. Thank you Rohan.

    I already have 'Call your country' option with 15 cents. This means I will have to reactivate for 5 cents option by spending 7 Euros more.

    James Andrade
    (Now in Savona)

  2. Dear James Andrade
    One more thing, the reactivation is done after your first offer completes the 6 months.

    So I'd suggest you to buy a new SIM...

  3. Dear Vikas
    Thanks for the info. This 15 cents offer I have been having for more than a year now. My last deduction of 6 monthly 4 Euros was done just a few days back. Please advise. Many thanks.

    James Andrade

  4. If you deactivate this service today, YOu will get a message that, "the service will be deactivated at the time it is expired" or someting similar message. Then you have to wait for almost 5-6 months to reactivate it again.

    What you can is to take a new SIM card, otherwise wait for 5-6 months

  5. OK Vikas. Well then, I will buy a new SIM. Thanks for your advise.


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