Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ringplus : Free unlimited global call (including India) from USA, Italy and Switzerland

Ring Plus is a free-spirited telephone community in which we all interact in an environment of trust, honesty, and respect. It offers Free international and long distance phone calls. No credit card, no internet is needed to make free calls.

This service has been tested by freevcalls members from Italy to India, USA to Italy and USA to India and its working good. From USA, it was used for 10 times effectively 100 minutes of free calls to India. The free countries are not listed there but I hope it works for Pakistan and all other countries. You can try this service and let us know if its working, so that I can update the blog.

How they are offering the free calls?
They replace the ring tone you hear with ads, and let the advertiser pay the bill. So, no cost for you and the call is absolutely free.

What you have to do?

Click here to register at ringplus and subscribe it

After successful registration, you will receive a mail
Your account number is XXXXX
Your PIN is XXXX

Your website access password is XXXXXXXXXX

How to make the call?
  • Dial the access number provided on their website (click here) They provide access numbers in USA, Italy and Switzerland.
  • Now follow the instructions and dial the five digit account number when asked followed by your four digit PIN.
  • Dial 9 for ISD calls.
  • Finally Dial ISD number in starting from 011XXXXXXXX, means for India it is 011912244556699.
In stead of listening the ring, you will hear some voice ads after few seconds, your call is connected. Now you can talk for 10 minutes.

Once the call is disconnected, you can call again and again. No new registration is required.

Now enjoy free calling wordwide and do not forget to participate in $500 calling card contest (click here)


  1. Hi,
    I tried to register and on submit it was mentioned that account is created successfuly and email is sent. But i haven't received any email yet. I have checked my junk folder too but there is no email from Ringplus

  2. Hi
    Just have the patience, You will surely receive the mail. May be because of heavy load on server, it may be delayed.
    For me also, It took around an hour to get the mail and I found it in the spam folder.

    But you will receive it. I am 100% sure.

    Good luck

  3. It's not working, whenever i dial there access number, it gives a busy tone. It seems they are not well equipped to launch themself. No use of this service.

  4. Thanx vikas, it worked really well for me...Anonymus check in ur spam, it will be der as gud luck...

  5. I have tried this service but the voice quality is not good.

  6. Thanks Vikash it worked really good. Sound quality is amaging.
    Athough I m not from US. I m from Canada I made a call to one of US access number from here
    It was wonder ful.

  7. Great service
    Thank you

  8. Hi,
    what is the access no. to call from Germany ...

  9. Hi
    Is this service from Singapore?

  10. Hi,
    it works very good ,the voice was crystal clear,thanks for sharing this info. :-)

  11. Hi Hemant

    Just wait for 2-3 days we will soon publish one offer for Singapore.

  12. vikas ,thanks a ton man. great work dude.
    i called almost 1 hr 22 min but with 4-5 min calls each time. keep going buddy.

  13. after entering account # and Pin, Ring Plus either re-prompts you to enter account and pin or just Hangs up on you.

  14. I am having the same issue where if I enter the account followed by a pound then the pin followed by a pound, I am asked to reenter it. I am positive that the number I enter is correct but dont know why it does it.

  15. Hello Vikas
    Is this service available from other Italian cities, such as, Genoa, Savona, Rome and Naples? Only Milan is listed there.

  16. Also, when you dial the access number, do you have to pay for the local call?

  17. Its only available in Milano, I am not sure if still works, you can try.

    Since this is not numero verde, you need to pay for the local calls

  18. Today I received a reply from them confirming that it is available only from Milan. Also local call rates are applicable. Local calls through 'Wind' SIM is more expensive than calls to India 'Through call your country' option. Thanks anyway.

  19. does it work on calls from US to the Philippines?

  20. Hi Thank you very much Very good service Thank you again

  21. Is such service from JAPAN

  22. No its doesn't work from japan

  23. Hello,
    I am from India. When I go to the subscribe page, it gives an error saying that this service is available for users in the United states only. Is there a way, I can subscribe to it? Thanks

  24. its down...access number are not in service

  25. call caals in usa to usa... usa to canada and hawai are free with google voice.
    sound quality as if u are talking to a person in front of you ,,,,, love it .
    oh by the way the calling rates to india is less than a dime.

  26. no creditcard no internet for this service why?


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