Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Localphone reduces rates to more than 100 destinations including India

We discussed about Localphone one month ago (Click here for details)

After having their business for one year, now they have reduced the rates over more than 100 destinations including INDIA.

Some of their new rates are displayed below om USD cents
Call Australia: 1.0¢
Call Bangladesh: 3.o¢
Call India: 3.9¢
Call Iran: 5.8¢
Call Pakistan: 7.1¢
Call Thailand: 1.2¢

New low rates are effective immediately, These rates comes without offer, it a regular wether you purchase 3$ or 25$. You can decide to use this service. I think that the rates are compititive. (Click here to register)

Coming Up $500 calling card contest, Are you ready for this???

Happy Diwali

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