Thursday, October 30, 2008

FreeRinger calls for FREE to 30+ countries with callback concept

FreeRinger is a flash application which allows you to make FREE calls to telephone numbers (to more than 30 countries throughout the world) right from your web browser without any software installation. FreeRinger is a joint, ad-supported service by GTalk2VoIP TEAM and Talkster International. Overall its good service which will not allow you to pay but may cost your to your friend, if he has not subscribed to any calling plans. India is not included in the list. My next post will be about absolutely free calls to all over the world including India. Anyway, with this you can save a lot on international calls without spending a single penny. You can call to more than 30 countries from the browser — nothing to download or install and the calls to mobile numbers are ABSOLUTELY FREE (your friend having mobile phone may pay for it).

The text below are copied and edited from free ringer website.

Registration and preparations instructions:

1. Sign-up to the service: click on Register, fill out the form and click Register button again. Your e-mail address will be used as login identifier to the service, so please provide a working address.

2. Check your mail box to find welcome message from our service which contains activation link. Click on the link to activate your newly registered account.

3. Turn back to the application, sign-in to the service using your newly create account (e-mail address and password).

4. Once connected, you will see a dial-pad and your Talkster roster (list of contacts) right to it. Upon first connection there will be only one contact Echo Test Call, which is helpful to test your audio subsystem and network capabilities.

5. Click on Echo Test Call, after you confirm usage of your microphone, you will be connected to a voice prompt guiding you through echo test service. Basically, what you say will be turned back to you, so you could hear yourself. This will let you learn the voice quality and two-way delay. Adjust your microphone and speaker volume if required.

Making calls:

1. Enter your friend's phone number in international format: country code followed by area code followed by local number. Examples: 16502345678 is for USA/California, 442012345678 is for UK/London.

2. Press Call button. If this phone number is not yet listed on your roster, a subscription process will be initiated and new contact created.

3. Upon success a new Talkster number will be allocated for your friend to reach you back on the web. A phone call will be placed to your friend's phone number and you will hear a voice prompt informing you on call progress.

4. Once connected, you will have 10 seconds to tell your friend to call you right back to their Talkster number, while you are staying on hold and waiting. Your friend will learn their Talkster number from: a) SMS message sent during subscription, b) CallerID displayed to them, c) you can tell them their Talkster number.

5. After your friend calls you back, the system will connect you both again and you may talk as much as you want.

6. Press Hangup button at any time to terminate your call.

7. Click on a contact and press Call to initiate another call to same number.

8. Double-click on a contact to edit contact details or to view associated Talkster number.

You can receive calls from regular phone numbers right to your web browser, when your friends (you see their phone numbers in your speed dial list) dial their Talkster numbers for you. You don't have to do anything else, just accept incoming call and talk to your friend as long as you want.

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