Sunday, August 10, 2008

TIM Welcome Home, call India at 5 cents per min from your TIM Italia mobile phone

News Update:Now Italy wind mobile iWIND is also offering 5 cent call to India from your mobile (click here for details).

TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) offers a new scheme (Piano Tariffario) TIM Welcome Home by which one can call India at 5 cents per min directly from the cell phone. If you living in Italy and want to make the phone call to India, then forget all the call centers or calling cards, now you can buy a new sim pack, which costs 10 EUR and come with 5 EUR talk time and start making cheap calls at 5 cents per min without connection charges (centesimi al minuto) directly from your cell phone. In 5 EUR you get 100 mins, independent of number of usage. Its much better than the calling card.

For more details about TIM welcome home click here

If you do not want to buy a new sim, then you can change your Piano tariffario to TIM Welcome Home by paying 9 EUR.

The cost of local calls made in Italy is quite expensive, you will pay 9 cents per min to all the TIM phones, and 19 cents to other phone plus 19 cents as a connection fee, if you make a call for one minute, you will end up paying around 38 cents, quite expensive.

If you have to make lot of local calls, then you can go for wind noi italy plan, where you can get 240 mins after paying 8 EUR per month. Then there are some other plans click here for wind details.

If you have to call sometimes, then you can go for the Italy wind Super Senza Scatto, click here to know more, or Tariffa Veloce Coop, Nessuno scatto alla risposta, click here to know more. There you will pay 17 cents per min without connectin charges and the billing is per second. For eg. If you make a call which lasts for 16 secons, you will pay only 4 cents, in other plans you will end up paying more than 22-29 cents for that call.

So all you can have is two SIM cards, because in Italy, it costs only 5 EUR recharge to keep your number active for one year.

First SIM to call India, TIM Welcome home (5 cents per min, limited to 550 mins per month, offer expires on 31 dec 2008)

Second SIM for local Italian calls: Italy wind Super Senza Scatto (not the wind 12 or pieno 4)

Please note the default plan for wind is wind12, so if you make a local call for 31 sec, you will pay 28 cents, (38 cents in the case of TIM welcome home) while in the case of Italy wind Super Senza Scatto, you will endup paying only 9 cents (66% less) Wow.

You can find the details in english, Page 12 of

Now, The service number portability allows you to keep your same number. The introduction of this service, in Italy, was governed dall'AGCOM (Authority for guarantees in Communications), through appropriate measures and agreements between mobile operators. Its an italian low

I do not know the charges for that.., but you can do your sim with your vodaphone/wind to TIM, you need to fill one form, it could take upto two weeks to activate the same number on TIM network.

More details

(Sometimes, thy refuse to do for foreigners, take the printout of these documents and tell them to do it)

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  2. IPvaani and IPdarsahn are nothing but similar to using yahoo messenger or skype, I think no body owns broadband without PC.., there is no point in wasting 160 USD to purchase this phone.

    Apart from this, you can only call ip vaani subscribers, not to the traditional phone and cellular lines.



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