Monday, August 4, 2008

pfingo voucher numbers for 2x10=20 Singapore Dollar discount

We have already talked about pfingo free call offer (Click here for details)

If you are using pfingo calling service and want to purchase some some credits, then you can use these voucher codes.
Each voucher is equal to 2.00 SD discount, so if you buy 5 SD, then you will be eligible for 40% discount.

Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-tayshihui-7329107539309567411 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-anooptcy-9177524401638688928 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-apr252008-428923488599087291 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-utkarsh111-228960150884871809 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-zebraaly-8417371276756216825 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-imisa2-7055854827482164816 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-vinuv-7431002756538873661 ]
Voucher No: [ ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-rakeshpatil-1325710339659699336 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-r_sk1-7350032939397730943 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-ajupnly-3653030159001515993 ]
Voucher No: [ s1gnu9-vivekgawade-6555985493668672747 ]

Voucher number is inside the bracket and valid for two months.

Each pfingo voucher code can be used once. Please leave a commnet after using the voucher code, so that readers can try another pfingo voucher number.


  1. How to make call by pfingo if I have motorola phone & calling from usa to india.

    Pls give instruction step by step.

  2. Used


  3. UNABLE TO TERMINATE pfingo account.
    Regret: Free pfingo account - Bad experience!



    The above pfingo account will prove that pfingo will not bear to cancel (including starhub mobile number) any account.

    This is true even at the expenses of losing one starhub mobile customer.

    Do not register your life-long mobile number or you may regret.
    You may pay S$8 for a S$10 Singtel prepaid card. Use the Singtel number to register for your pfingo account to protect the privacy of your life-long mobile number.

    Feel free to break pfingo terms and conditions as they will rather have a growing membership than to terminate any account.


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