Monday, August 25, 2008

Youtring, earn free credit and call India at 5 cents per min.

Youtring is social networking website integrated with Telecommunication solutions. Youtring provides PC2Phone service. It offers an exciting combination of cost-effective calling, social networking, the users’ very own blogging platform, games, video sharing, TV viewing and online shopping!

They have best hot deal for US and Canada, you can choose the plan Tring India and start calling at 4.7 cents per min from your PC. I think its a good price. From other countries, like Italy, Germany you need to pay slightly higher rates.

Apart from this, you start earning free trings (3000 Trings = $ 1) when you become member and show your activity on Youtring. Total earned trings can be redeemed for the softphone credits, if you earn 30,000 Tring, then you will earn $10, equivalent to 200 mins of free calls to India.

Here is the list of earnings.
25 Trings: Successful Registration at Youtring
05 Trings: Upload and share images
20 Trings: Referral, refer a friend
15 Trings: Upload Video
10 Trings: Play Games
10 Trings: Mingling, chat
20 Trings: Write a Blog Reviews
20 Trings: Group Create
10 Trings: Create Forum Threads and reply
10 Trings: write your own Feedback
10 Trings: Group Membership

You can also Upload Channel, Create a Blog, Blog Post, Group Photo Upload, Add Group Discussion Topic, Forum Threads Reply, Add Image to Gallery and earn tring.

The purpose is to make free calls by spending time on the internet. But I do not this its worth spending the time. If you already spend lot of time on orkut, or any other social networking sites, they you can give time and earn free calls

Click here to join Youtring social networking site and start making free calls. If you like the service you can buy the credits.

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