Friday, December 26, 2008

GOT your Gift !!

Dear Readers

First of all , We want to thank you all for subscribing for FreeVcalls. We have always tried to do something different for our readers and to benefit them in every possible way. We have launched Free calling card give-away offer on this Christmas and New year to make your holidays more cheerful. We know this is the time when you want this most.

Congratulations for winning the calling card.


Procedure for Registering for this Free Card ::

STEP 1 :: Click here to go to Pingo (The Last Calling card you ever need)
STEP 2 :: Enter Trial Coupon Code, your valid email id and telephone number with other details.
STEP 3:: You will receive an Email for verification and activation of your account. After this you are ready to go.

You can continue your Pingo Account Later when your balance got finished by recharging it.

Without you ,It is not possible to offer free calls to our readers. It’s the support and visits of you, which tempt VoIP companies to offer free calls. More readers, more free call offers. So, Keep Visiting FreeVcalls.

Wish You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

For people who have not got their card , But they think they are eligible for the same.I request you to please send email to


** This promotion is finished, I have send new working cards to most of the people who have participated in contest. Those who have not received there new card , they will get it by this month... **


  1. I got the "GIFT" which you are referring to today! But,when i try to sign up, it says the Trial Code has expired.
    I thought this blog was a good one, but my opinion has changed now after you gave me an EXPIRED pin.

  2. Hi
    Thanks so much freevcalls team. I got your 10$ Code in place of that 5$ Code(which had some problems) and now it is working. Thanks for the gift!!

    Wish you a Happy New Year!

  3. Hi VIkas,

    I dint get any coupon code through e-mail...I just got an e-mail from u stating that GOT YOUR GIFT !!...But I dint get any coupon code...Please clarify me whether i got my trial card or not...THanks...

  4. I just got an e-mail from u stating that GOT YOUR GIFT !!...But I dint get any coupon code. wat happened vikas, i have a lot of trust on this site and you. i hope you dont't spoil it.
    thanks in advance

  5. To those who are popping a vein on their foreheads over not finding the PIN in your email...relax, be patient and ask for an explanation instead of commenting on the integrity of Vikas's blog! There will certainly be a valid reason this happened. Don't jump to hasty conclusions, you hear...!

  6. Hey Vikas, Thanks a lot for giving us so many methods for free calling. I think you are already giving gift to us. I appreciate your effort. Thanks again man.

  7. I was also expecting the coupon but got email notification "GOT YOUR GIFT" only. Should we wait more or ????

  8. same thing as other mentioned ...GOT YOUR GIFT and no pin or instruction anywhere

  9. It says: The Trial Card Code is expired.


  11. Hi,
    Thanks I got the $10 card, but I am in India and I can not use it


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