Friday, December 12, 2008

Cheapest Calls to India (1.9 cents/min) :: MediaringTalk

MediaringTalk is Pc to Phone based service.. They are providing very cheap call rates to lots of destinations. For India( both mobile and landline )Call rate is 1.9 US cents/Min only. . Well as this is PC to phone based service you need to download there application which is available free of cost...

They offer free calls to following 8 global destinations.

* Fixed & Mobile: US, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong

* Fixed only: United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia


2c/min to more than 35 countries including France, Germany,Spain, Belgium,Greece,New Zealand,Italy, Austria, Russia,Denmark, Norway,Poland, Hungary,Malaysia, Souh Korea, Argentina, Chile, Isreal,Ireland, Mexico

To sign up with MediaringTalk Click here

Please note these points :

** You can buy credits only in 10$ denomination.
** Credit have expiry of 6 months.
** There is no other charge associated with service(no hidden or connection fee).
** You can also enjoy Free PC to PC calling within MediaringTalk Users
** As this is PC to phone based service, make sure you have a good internet connection


1 comment:

  1. Two reasons why I won't go with these guys!

    1. Their lowest denomination is $10!

    2. The credit expires in 180 days!!

    Who needs that kind of restrictions? If I speak for 60 minutes, it will still be only $1.20. There is no way one will finish $10 in 6 months.

    By placing such ludicrous, unreasonable restrictions, they have negated the impact of a 1.9 cent call structure. Pity.


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