Thursday, December 4, 2008

Want Fun :: Try Spoofing (Make Free calls within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico)

Phone Spoofing is becoming very popular these days. We have sound a website which provides free phone spoofing without any signup. Well for our readers , we want to share that phone spoofing is a method by which u can change your Caller Id number which is going to display in your friend`s mobile.

** Click here to goto
** Enter your real number in your number Field
** Enter your friends number
** Enter a ten digit number which you want to display on your friend`s mobile

This service is for fun, but we can also utilize it. Many phones doesn`t have long distance services activated. We can use this service for making long distance calls(make calls within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico) from your local phone.

*** Please don`t misuse this service ***


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