Thursday, December 11, 2008

Free Calls to 38 countries ::

There are lot of ad-based Voip providers in market.We will discuss about today.With tuitalk, you can make free international phone calls from anywhere in the world to over 38 countries and even mobile phones in the United States and Canada. Your calls are free of charge because they are sponsored by the advertiser.Before your call connects, you will watch a short video ad.The person you are calling doesn't need to be on a computer, you can call their landline or mobile phone directly(mobile calls limited to US and canada).

Every day! You will have a set amount of time allocated to you per day(appx 10 min). If you use up your minutes for one day, you can call again the next day when your daily allowance starts again. Note: Be sure to fill out your extended profile so that you get the most minutes and the highest daily allowance.

You don`t need to enter any credit card or bank details. Just simply signup and download the softphone from their website....Thats all.

To sign up for Tuitalk , Click here

Enjoy Calling...


  1. i installed this...cannot call india with this...

  2. Hi

    India is not in their list...

    you can check this at this link


  3. what is the point of their free calls if India is not there! This is a joke. Who cares? I ain't wasting my time.

  4. Oh no India is not there in the list.. i realised after installin it.. :( !

  5. since i cudnt call india so i tried calling a UK mobile number...that dint work either...said "invalid number"...i then looked up the link by rahul for the list of countries -- only calls to landlines for all countries are allowed except for US & Canada where calls to both mobiles & landlines are allowed...i think this should be specifically mentioned in the article coz the line in the article above -- "The person you are calling doesn't need to be on a computer, you can call their landline or mobile phone directly" is contradictory..

  6. Hi Ann!E

    Thanks we have updated the article...

  7. I cant call to Italy, Greece. Help me

  8. I am not sure what they are saying here. When I go to:

    India IS on the list of free calls. However, the end result is still that I get an error when I call India. Please do not promote such piece of garbage! I wrote their support line inquiring about it, and their customer service is just as much crap as their product! No reply so far!

  9. I am not able to call Australia mobile phones with tuitalk. Is there a method to call austrialn mobile phones Please help....sdbhardwaj

  10. I call India everyday using tuitalk. I think you guys are using the worng code.

    For landline numbers, first select india flag and then dial state code without the first number 0.

    For example to reach a landline in Delhi all you have to do is choose india flag and then dial 11 followed by the number, for mumbai number choose india flag and then dial 22 followed by the number.

    For mobile numbers choose india flag followed by the mobile number.

    Hope it helps!

  11. You cannot call australia mobile numbers through tuitalk. if you are able to find a way to call australia mobile number for free then please let me know.
    I am using reliance right now which costs me a lot.Do you know of a cheaper way.

  12. i can't create an account on me.
    i'm on

  13. help me i cannot create an account on tuitalk either

  14. sir main sign up nai ho pa raha plz muj ko detail send ker day jab main sign up kerta hun to error a jata hai


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