Friday, December 5, 2008

20 Min Free Call to India and world ::

Hello Readers. Once again we have come up with new free calling offer. combined with the i2Telecom services network, provides quality VOIP Calling on Mobiles as well as ordinary phones. They have competitive rates for international destination.For India rates starts from 4.9cents/min.You can use their services from blackberry,Windows mobile PDA and other mobiles through mobile application also.Few good features are -

** Mobile Application available for almost all types of mobiles like--
iPhone,Blackberry,G phone,Windows PDA,Java based

** Regular access by Local access numbers
** Web initiated calling
** Superior call quality
** Pinless dialing
** No connection fees, contracts or minimums

For every new signup They are giving 20 FREE INTERNATIONAL MINUTES without any card information or payment. So to signup click here.. and select 20 min free plan

Just enter your phone number ( if you have landline number choose dont know on first page).Enter your mobile no and other information through different steps.You will receive mail form MyGlobalTalk with your account information.

Well you can get even more free time if you make a purchase. with 5$, 40 min and with 10 $ , 60 min.

Enjoy ...


  1. Well, I fail to see the benefit of this free trial as I have to phone a U.S. number long distance, anyway. I can't be bothered. They should have a callback system rather than have a long distance access number, to start with.

  2. Dear Anonymous

    The have webcall back option.. please login to your account on their website, you will see call widget on right side.

  3. is it for callin from US only ? or from any where ? I didnt see Web Call back option.where is that ??

  4. please mention if the calls can be made from any countries or only from US.

  5. What's the point? I still have to call long distance as they have a measly number of access numbers. This is not a deal!


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