Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Youcall offers free web calls worldwide including India

Youcall ( free web calls to India

You can try 5 mins free trial call prior to registration
$1.00 after registration
(They say "Register now and get up to 60 minutes free of charge And the savings continue!")

They offer web call connect, here is the screenshot.

Do not forget to use your 5 mins prior to registration.
I tried, sometimes, call does not connect, voice quality is ok, not very bad. Overall its free so you can try.

Now, I will not publish step by step instructions, if you have any problem for making free calls, you can leave a comment. I will try to help you.


  1. Hii

    Just to inform

    i have used this free service..I called India to US...according to the rates frm 1$ i m able to call for 12-13 mins only but if we call in 1 instance or in 1 go.. we can talk unlimited.. my call time was something 20 mins+ .. @ no xtra cost..

    n the voice Quality was Excellent..Far better than many others..

    YouCall Rockss


  2. hi,
    i couldn get d free service...the recorded voice says "something terribly wrong"...
    could u help me??


  3. hi,
    i gets free call to some my number, but when i try to another number
    ...the recorded voice says "something terribly wrong"...
    could u help me??

  4. hi
    i love ur blog becoz u taught me to hack call by giving additional digit.
    that was tremendous experience

    could you tell me some free trial voip service like "youcall"

  5. hi friend
    i have suggestion , we know there are many free VOIP service to call America,Europe like that countries.but there are short of provider to gulf know there are many sojourners in gulf countries,who are the backbone of Indian economy , who are paying lot of money to make call,ticket and others .so u should put off some space for it.
    i hope your reply.......

  6. hi friend
    could u give me free trial voip call like YOUCALL

  7. It is not working mam...
    Delete it.


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