Monday, September 14, 2009 offers free international calling from South Africa

Last week We published about, which became very popular among our readers and we have got so many responses. Thanks to our readers. is limited in terms of calling from destinations. It only provides access numbers from USA, UK and Brazil. For people who don`t have any access to Internet or free calling to USA numbers can not use this service. Well atleast our readers from South Africa don`t need to worry about this. Here is another website for you to make free International Calls. offers free international calling from South Africa. This is also a access number based service. You need to spend only your local minutes, International leg of the call will be. I was waiting for Somesh`s mail for review of this service and here are the points which Somesh mentioned in his E-mail
(+) Almost all countries included in Free Destinations e.g. INDIA, Bangladesh, UK, China (Pakistan not Included)
(+) Better Call quality
(+) Access no based calling
(+) No internet Required in Calling
(+) Very unique service from South Africa
(+) No Ads
(+) No Registration Required
(+) No Credit Card Required
(+) No contract or limitation
(-) Not Useful from other coutries
(-) Access no can not be used with Betamax or dellmount services like Voipblast, Jumblo
(-) Access no only Supported through Vodacom, CellC, MTN, Telkom, Neotel

Now lets see how to use this service

STEP 1:: Dial the access number 087-805-5762 from your mobile or landline

STEP 2:: Enter your destination number followed in format: 00 + Country Code + Phone Number and then press #

That`s it, your call will be connected.

Please note that this service is useful only if you have free local minutes from your local subscriber otherwise you need to pay Local charges to your operator. You can not access their Access no from Betamax or Dellmount services.

So Enjoy Freecalling with FreeVcalls ... and once again thanks to Somesh for sharing the review of service.


  1. I have weekend free minutes .can i only use this on the weekend. Are there any other hidden charges involved. I am on vodacom contract

  2. IMP NOTE: 087 805 5762 is changed to 087 1500 823. same service and same call quality. visit

    Hi Misha,
    you can use your free minutes over the weekend to make 100% free international call. If you call during the week, you will be charged local rates as if calling a local South African mobile number. So in simple words you are making international call at local rates and over the weekend 100% free.



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