Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enjoy Phone Spoofing on iPhone with iPhone application

Phone spoofing is really a fun among friends. Earlier,We have post few tricks about making free Spoof calls and twitter Spoofcard credit pin. How about making spoof calls from your very own Apple`s iPhone. Yes now its possible with iPhone application.

Now lets see what is special in iPhone Application

** Change your Caller ID
** Change your voice
** Send your calls directly to voicemail and record/playback your calls

This application is available on Apple App Store for both iPhone and iPod Touch.

Click this link to get iPhone application.

Do you know that application is available for Blackberry and Android Phones.

For Blackberry, download application for here

For Android Phones, download application from here

If you want to TRY Spoofing for free Click here to know, how to get free minutes for Phone Spoofing.


  1. The app is now also available for Android and Blackberry via

  2. The Spoof Card App is now also available for Blackberry, Android and other platforms, check it out here:

  3. This application is easily detectable these days.

    You can't enjoy that much as you used to be in those days


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