Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rynga SuperDeal, Call free to Bangladesh Landline & Mobile.

Recently we published about rynga betamax voip offering cheap calls. Under rynga superdeal you can make free call to Bangladesh Landline & Mobile. This is the first time any voip is offering absolutely free calls to both landlines and mobiles in BGD. Earlier lowratevoip had offered free calls but now the calls are charged.
Bangladesh (Landline & Mobile) SuperDeal!** FREE* FREE*

What is this rynga super deal?
Buying 10 EUR credit gives you 120 rynga Freedays buy which you can call Superdeal countries for free with the limit of 200 minutes per week. However you can go for minimum of 1 EUR recharge from your nearest reseller and get 10 free days to try rynga.

Click here to read more about rynga.

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  1. I am a reseller of Dellmont. I found like this offer towards Rynga by this blog and gave this information to my users. But still now five users camplain me that Rynga gives 150 minutes free for Bangladesh and after deduct .02 cent.In spite of this if calling are coutinue for Bangladesh, Rynga increase his charge as .025 cent/minute. My users also complained me that call duration also bounced. After complaine to customercare, don't reply or sugesion. you can find bounced call durations acording to call timing.

  2. This is true. I am also cheated by rynga who promised to give 120 days free service to call bangladesh. But they charged me even after 1 hour and said I have no free credit. I was very disappointed. Please do not use their service unless you have lots of money to waste. BE WARE.

  3. Mehedi ----Me too same problem-- Im from USA--i am also cheated. they lie us they don't give 300 min free in each week they just give 1 hour and after they start charging 2.5 euro cents. they r bullshit i hate their point of view, they r big lier, cheater...don't believe this shit anymore. find something New don't waste ur money until the rynga's good

  4. Please see the statement of calls i made using Rynaga and how they charged. And from past 3 days the customer care doesn't respond.

    Date Time Number called Duration Amount
    2009-12-08 15:49:04 +919948544854 00:26:00 € 2.600

    2009-12-07 15:31:02 +919948544854 00:02:32 € 0.027

    Think... Do you want to waster you money

  5. Beware of Rynga voip service provider (Dellmont Sarl). I also have bitter experience using rynga. First time when I bought the credit, it was ok but when I bought the credit second time, problem occurred.I couldn't make any call though I have 10 Euro in my account. I wrote to the customer service several times but they remain silent. I would request all not to use their service, you may be a victim of them anytime.

  6. never buy this as they make big promise and then they fail i am not even able to make calls i have 10 euro in my balance and no call can be made. call goes but no voice coming and goin just keypad tones

  7. Top of the page written Bangladesh free cal land line and mobile but reality isn't what happened for that cal ? why charged ?

  8. We shouldn't let them go away like this.
    let's take some action.........
    I promise, I will ..........

  9. nonoh works great!!! 120 freedays fo 10 euros

  10. I added 10 euro, they are giving me 1.81 euro!! What to do?

  11. it is said that landline is free for some of the countries but after 2 days,it is charging me 0.2 per min.why does this happen?rynga promise it is free and charges is too bad..try to change the system or don´t put false statement to cheat the people .please respond to it.

  12. it is given free calls for some of the countries for 120 days but it doesn´t work.After 2 days ,it came 0.2 per min.what is promised by rynga those free calls,not working properly.please don´t cheat the people.try to do something.

  13. for me its working using from 2 months..i got no problems

  14. how i get 120 free trayl days

  15. Esto es una falsa, he escrito a su departamento de servicio al cliente y no me resuelve mis problemas, me están cobrando el precio de una llamada a un teléfono fijo como si fuera a un móvil, eso no es justo, tengo mucho tiempo con Rynga y nunca me había pasado esto, si no me resuelven voy a escribir en todos los medios y redes sociales para que se enteren de que están hablado mentiras.

    mensaje enviado hoy a servicio al cliente: good customer an I spend a lot of money making calls to D.R. But I need the right price for my calls, and If I'm dialing to a house number is suppose to be only 0.03 cents!!!

    Please I need an answer quickly to know if I'm going to continue with you or with others.

    Waiting for your answer urgently!!!

    I have an other user name, is anyelina08 there you could see how much I spend calling.

    mensaje enviado el 26 de este mes: Error description:I know that the rate to Dominican Republic is 3 cents for lead phone and almost 7 cents for mobile, but I'm calling to a lead number and the program think it is a mobil because I have to paid 7 cents and not 3 as it suppose to be. Days ago happent the same with the lead number +18094755085, the program take 7 cents per minute!!! I have Rynga because to call to a lead or fit phone is cheaper, to paid 7 cents for a lead telephone is not cheap for me.

    Please, resolve my problem, if you take a look in my account you could see Im a good costumer and I espend a lot of money in this program, but I need to call to those number and I don't want to pay more for this services.
    OS: MacOS
    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_5_8) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/17.0.963.79 Safari/535.11

    respuesta: Dear Customer,

    We checked, your calls have been charged correctly.

    Kind regards,
    Customer service

    que es esto??? una burla!!!!!!


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