Saturday, September 12, 2009, Ringplus and 1800-Free-411 Comparison:: Which one you choose

In recent times VOIP industry has given us so many choices to choose from in terms of free calling offers. As we have already discussed about so many free offers, some of them are with registration, with secure details, with limit, with some free credit,BUT few of them are totally unlimited free without any secure details. Whether it is Ringplus which have hit the market last year or 1800-FREE-411 Ad service or totally free unlimited, all these services has given us options to save our international bill and to reach our loved ones across the globe.

We have just recall all these three option to compare which one is better

Let’s Start with


(+) Requires one time Registration
(+) Free calls to almost all destinations in world including INDIA
(+) No Credit Card or Personal Information is required
(+) Good Voice Quality
(+) Access number based calling Service
(+) Access numbers from three countries including USA, Switzerland and Italy
(-) No Toll Free Access number
(-) Call Limitation from 5 min to 20 Depending on calling destinations
(-) Advertisement based Calling; you will hear Ads in place of Tring-Tring

Review:: Ringplus was the most hit service last year. It’s good to use for short calls, it’s not truly unlimited and you need to spend your local minutes for connecting to their Access no.

1800-FREE-411 Freecall Service

(+) No Registration Required
(+) Free calls to any part of the world
(+) No credit card or Personal information required
(+) Good Voice quality
(+) Toll Free Access no
(+) Because of Toll Free US access no, you can use this service virtually from any part of the world where Skype works as US toll free calls are free on Skype
(-) Most of the time lines will be busy
(-) Call limit is only 5 min
(-) Advertisement based calling, you need to listen at least 2 ads to make call

Review:: 1800-FREE-411 is a Ad based service. This service is good who don’t want to use their Local Minutes or calling from outside USA. But you need to wait much longer because you need to first dial the Toll Free Number 1800-3733-411 and then listen to one Ad then Say "Free Call" when you are in main menu, Then again after one Ad you may get a free line to dial your destination number in country code + Destination number

(+) No Registration Required
(+) Free calls to almost 70 destinations in world including INDIA
(+) No Credit Card or Personal Information is required
(+) Access number based calling Service
(+) Access numbers from three countries including USA, Brazil and UK
(+) No Advertisement at all
(+) Virtually no Call Limitation
(-) Average Voice Quality
(-) No Toll Free Access number

Review:: We will rate this service highest among all because of unlimited calls. But few limitations are like toll access number you need to have free minutes to call local access number.

I request blog reader to drop their comments....


  1. I find ringplus to the best. During day time, the lines are busy but in nights (suits for me) this is not an issue.

    Thanks to blog like yours, my international calling bill is zero. It wuld have not been possible even if I had been in India. Thanks !!

  2. I like the Though the quality is less, I guess it is quite OK being it is free.

  3. I've used for a few ocassions and found out that you cannot get through a call for some particular locations.

    For ex:
    You cannot call some cell phones in Mumbai.
    You cannot call some cell phones in Pune.

    Is this problem associated to only me or anyone other who is using this service too ?

    Reply would be appreciated.

    Thanks for posting and keeping us updated with this wonderful information.


  4. Please advise how can users outside USA can use these services, say middle east etc. Please advise

  5. nice but can v use it from india.............

    in ur blog i find most of the service r not available from india.. :(

  6. Freecall2India: Stupid crap! Worked for ONE lousy day! No contact link, either! Why are they wasting their time? What is the point of their pointless exercise? They are making more enemies at the begin

  7. you can use it from India also, you can use any service which provide free calling to USA.. Like Betamax services, icall, Google Voice, or bueno..

  8. I am using Ringplus almost 4 months now,,, and no issues at all,, Daytime in US timezone, calls gets fastly conected to India, and night time US time zone u shudnt try,, u'll lose ur patience. I've saved 100's of $$ coz of RingPlus. All credit goes to vikas & ur valuable blog update. I've introduced Ringplus to few of my friends & they too benefited.

    A Big Thanks to Vikas.

    Keep up ur good work,


  9. Does this works for sending bulk sms or bulk calls on any networks without any ads being carried with the sms and phone calls.

  10. Dear Shely
    Thanks for writing nice things about our blog, but The biggest thanks should go to Rahul as he is the person who found these free services and wrote on this blog.

    Rahul rocks..

  11. Hi Rahul & Vikas,

    You both deserve my Thanks for your labor & interest...

  12. Hi Vikas/ Rahul,

    i've noticed in - They have removed the Access Numbers for USA & also earlier when i tried calling on those access Numbers,it keeps ringing & nothing happens. Is there any issue in that website???

  13. There are always some security issues.., anyway right now it is not working for usa.

    Hope it would work in future


  14. Hi Vikas, Thanx for letting me knew it otherwise its a waste of time, Also Now Zenofon & Simple Call are offerrring $2 & $1 respectively/ea as free trial credit, so if some have 2 phone at home ,will be more benefited.

  15. hi
    i am new here
    but i heard abt ringplus and got the login id
    but how can i call from middle east. i want to call from pc to phone to india. ihave downloaded gizmo5
    reply me

  16. Thanks rahul, I think I am late to this site..,

  17. Hi Vikas,
    I am new to this site and today only I saw your site and I got amazed after reading all the information and the posts coz till now I am using prepaid cards to call India and I don't know that there is an option to call India for free.many thanks to you to let us know this details and keep rocking.
    Today I logged in to ringplus and got the account numbers and the PIN details(thanks to you for this) but somehow my calls didn't go thro' and this is happening for the prepaid cards too.if I call from my workphone it goes.what Can I do to call from my home phone.can you pls give me your suggestion as i come to know that you are giving very good suggestions.


  18. this help me lot

  19. Just register your home phone (or whatever phones you use to call India) with RINGPLUS ( because the call won't go through until you register that particular phone number that you're calling from. If you have any more questions, keep posting and I'll update you as much as I can :)

  20. Dear Rahul and friends
    Calls are free from mediaringtalk to USA, UK, Canada, China, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan & Hong Kong.I dialed 1800-3733-411 from "media ting talk" flash phone. choose canada country code (+1) and dial 8003733411. I heard some voice like ads. what is this? I can not access this 1800-3733-411 from skype.
    I think we can call free over international. Try this friends and let me know.

  21. 1800-3733-411 will work from skype.. And your second question about Ads. 1800-3733-411 is a Ad based service which i have already discussed on blog.


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