Sunday, September 13, 2009

Global Collect India Private Limited VoIP payment fraud

There has been many complains about the Global Collect India Private Limited for the VoIP payments. You may find this payment method in India for any of these 30 betamax VoIP providers like freecalls, webcalldirect etc. customers, mainly Indians customers who have lost their money, are trying to find the address and contact details of Global Collect India Private Limited to get their money back.
We tried to search the global collect website to find out the link between global collect India and the Global collect worldwide but could not find any link, however We are sure that Global Collect India Pvt Ltd is a part or franchise of Globalcollect worldwide online payment services, pay online, ecommerce, international payments, global payments, direct debit payment, fraud credit card.

Beware of making payment by transferring money to global collect India account.

The account details are
Account holder: Global Collect India Private Limited
Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd
Bank address: Mumbai, Indien (India)
Account number: 0600330003566
Branch Office:
Branch address: FORT, FORT-400001, MUMBAI, GREATER BOMBAY, MAHARASHTRA (contact: 022 28474900 Extn 1888 / 1649 / 1648)
IFSC code: HDFC0000060
MICR CODE: 400240015

The branch is located in the fort area near Mumbai CST station. You may contact the neatest HDFC branch to get the details of the account holder and then file a case against that person/account holder against fraud.


  1. Betamax uses the services of GlobalCollect. GlobalCollect is a leading Payment Service Provider that handles local payments for third parties all over the world in over 200 countries in 170 currencies.

    Accordingly, GlobalCollect processes payment transactions on behalf of other companies (also known as merchants). These companies have authorized GlobalCollect to debit/credit accounts of customers who - according to the merchant - have given their approval to do so in order to purchase a product or service.

    Please note that sometimes, as preference of the merchant, GlobalCollect shows up as the recipient of your payment on the transaction statement. However, if you are not satisfied with the delivery, the product/service, please contact the merchant directly.

    GlobalCollect is divided in two structures. Global Collect Services B.V. and it subsidiaries, which provide the actual services (the technical interface, system operations to offer several payment methods, etc) and Global Collect B.V. and its subsidiaries, which facilitates the bank transfers. Global Collect India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Global Collect B.V. and its sole purpose is to collect, convert and remit financial transactions on behalf of the merchants.

    Global Collect India Limited is not owner of the goods and services that are purchased by consumers online. The consumer has a direct contractual relationship (purchase agreement) with the merchant and GlobalCollect is not responsible for the deliverance of the services or goods. GlobalCollect only processes the payment transaction on behalf of Betamax but cannot assist you or any other consumers with queries and is not a party to any disputes arising out of the purchase of a good or service via the internet. GlobalCollect does not have a legal relationship with the consumers.

    GlobalCollect merely acts as some kind of intermediary between its clients and the banks and companies providing payment methods. For any non-deliverance of goods and services, consumers should always contact the merchant where they made a purchase order.

  2. Hi
    I found above statement is bullsheet and non responsible answer that for every problem customer should contact with murchant only,
    it contain so many unclear comment and should be clear by Global Collect and Betamax also.
    Such like,If any one send money successfull and global collect remmit the money another or wrong account who will be responsible? whom should contact for solving the problem?
    secondly Global collect not dealing purfect job for exemple, the caouse they did not keep open any wesite or contact detaails for victim customer.suppose any one made successful transaction,afterward he contact with his respective murchant then murchant informed the customer they did not recieved money and account number is wrong and asked to contact with your bank to get back your money-do you think this is a correct solution and if bank made correct transaction and letar verify thing by both bank as well sending bank and beneficiary bank. could you advice in such case how can a customer get back his money,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Dear "Anonymous",

    GlobalCollect's "statement" was an answer on the posting of September 13th, 2009.

    GlobalCollect is a Payment Service Provider who collects, processes and reports payments on behalf of third parties such as product or service providers. Should you have any comments or questions in relation to:

    - Delivery status
    - Cancellations
    - Receipts, confirmation e-mails, payments
    - The quality and quantity of the goods you have received
    - Purchased product or service

    Then please contact the company from which you purchased the goods or services directly.

    However, if you would like to check the status of your payment, you can do so with your referral number online.

    Kind regards


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