Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free Calls to INDIA from UK with TESCO Calling Card DIWALI Offer

TESCO is a big Brand name which provides variety of products. Today we will discuss about TESCO Diwali offer which offers Free calls to INDIA from UK on the day of Diwali.

Here are the details of the TESCO Diwali Offer -

Pick up a Tesco International Calling Card today, and you can phone India for FREE on Diwali.
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  • Maximum duration 60 minutes
  • Free calls to landlines and mobiles in India
  • Free period is on Friday November 5th from 00:00:01 to 23:59:59
  • Any call that commences before the free period will be charged in its entirety at the standard rates
  • Any call that continues beyond the free period will be free until the end of the free period, then charged at the standard rates thereafter
  • Any calls that exceed 60 minutes will be charged at the standard rate thereafter and will incur the standard connection fee
  • Calls via 0800 access incur a 1p p/min surcharge. Calls from BT Payphones incur a 20p p/min surcharge
  • Calls can only be made on Tesco International Calling Cards which have a credit greater than £0.01
For Details on how to use the service Please visit -

If you are not in UK then TRY REBTEL One cent call offer.


  1. Great sharing! thanks for the info.
    that's exactly what i needed

  2. Is this all you can offer? Making cheap calls in specified country? I don't think it's practical- it's quite not good to be called as great network service. Yes, it can be good for those who have relatives in India whom they will call to. But, I think this is not a good marketing strategy since the service is only available in specific area.I bet, my service (overseas call) is one of the greatest phone services anyone can have. I enjoy calling my friends anywhere in the world, without hassles and annoying interruptions and of course at cheap cost. This is almost perfect.


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