Thursday, May 26, 2011 coupon code - 2 Euro free trial for web callback

What is the easiest way of making International call? Answer is Call Back. Today we will discuss about which provides Direct dial numbers and free webcallback for making international calls. They are giving 2Euro credit for new signups with special Hiboo coupon code. No credit card or purchase required. is a French service provider. They provide international call solutions based on callback system. Main highlights are -
  • High quality calls using callback system
  • Get direct dial Belgium number for your international numbers (you don`t pay for call to that Belgium number)
  • 9 months credit validity
  • Instant registration without any sensitive information
  • Secured PayPal Payment gateway
  • Web callback facility
  • Per second billing
  • No hidden Fee or subscription fee
  • Earn 20% extra with promo Code HIB20
How to Signup with to get 2Euro free credit
STEP 1: Goto homepage and click on Signup now on left panel
STEP 2: Enter the Promotional code - 2€TEST and fill other information

Don`t go further to make any payment. You will receive an email containing your login information within 10 minutes. Please check your spam box also if you don`t get it.

You can now login with provided user info in email. You can see 2euro credit on my account.

How to make calls using
Method 1 : You can make call by logging in to and click on webconnect calls on left pane. You need to enter your phone number and your friend`s mobile number.
Method 2 : You can set a direct number for any international number. Just call direct number. Hiboo system will cut your call and give you a call back to connect you to your friend.
Method 3 : Dial +3224024588, hiboo system will cut your call and you will receive callback. Now hiboo system will ask you to enter the number you wan to call.

Please note that you will not be charges for making calls to hiboo numbers because hiboo system will never lift your call.

Please use comment channel if you face any problem in signup or trial credit.


  1. after sign up i did not received any email from hiboo

  2. Not working. Registered few hours ago but no mail received yet. Checked even the spam folder. I think, have to pay 10 Euros to get the credit of 2 Euros.

  3. Guys

    It worked for me.. i have checked and verified it.

  4. you will get it in format below

    Merci d'avoir choisi Hiboo ! Nous vous confirmons votre inscription.

    Voici les informations requises pour accéder à votre compte en ligne:

    votre numéro client = ********
    votre mot de passe = *******
    Votre compte en ligne vous permettra de :

    - modifier vos données personnelles
    - connaître votre crédit restant
    - créditer votre compte
    - modifier votre répertoire de numéros préférés
    - modifier la liste des mobiles de votre compte, mobiles autorisés à passer des appels par Hiboo

    ... et tout ça avec effet immédiat !

  5. not working man tried many times, waited for few hours but no mail...

  6. Hi,rahul,thank you for this sharing, and I got 2 Euros as you said. Good job!

    And I got one email like this:

    Voici les informations requises pour accéder à votre compte en ligne:

    votre numéro client = 332DLU001
    votre mot de passe = ********

    Thank your for this great post and sharing.

    Best Regards.

  7. iam not getting united kingdom to select as country, so iam unable to register

  8. 2,3 days finsh still not ? i think its not working may be its worked few days back

  9. Which email did u use to get free credit ? eg ,yahoo , gmail , msn , etc

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  11. Oh great, I use this company all of the time, its nice to get a little savings.. Great savings.. Thank you so much. This is really going to be able to help me.


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