Friday, December 2, 2011

CallnRoam $1 international calling card Trial & Discount promo code

We hope that you have enjoyed your Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals with freeVcalls. Today we will discuss about, which is providing cheap international calls using calling card access numbers. is giving $1 free trial credit.

CallnRoam has got variety of Pay as you go and unlimited plans. If you buy a credit of $50 then you will get validity of 365 days and 1 cent/min call rate. Apart from this you can also choose from country specific plans. Visit CallnRoam homepage.

How to get $1 free trial CallnRoam credit without any purchase
  • Goto free trial page
  • Fill the Name, Valid email address and US phone number (If you don't have US phone number, use your Google Voice number, 100% working)
  • Click on the link in activation email you got from
  • In plan details - Select any required plan and denomination and enter valid phone number/GV number & choose password.
  • Now click on continue and skip all other steps.
Wait for 24-48 hours. You will get an email with subject "Welcome To CallnRoam- Your Free International Calling Minutes Information"

This email will have access number and dial instruction information.

CallnRoam Access Numbers

Dialing Instructions:
  • Dial the Access number from Your Phone Number
  • For International Calls: Dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number followed by # sign.
  • To call within USA, Canada or Caribbean : Dial 1 + Area Code + Number followed by # sign.
Final words
CallnRoam is a good and economical service. You should try it once with provided free trial and continue using if you like the service. This trial works perfectly with Google voice numbers.


  1. i tried it....its working....Great Call Quality!

  2. I have registered with Google voice number I also got the E-mail with "call minutes information" but the thing is that, when i call Access number from "Express talk" softphone only 4-5 ring get to hear then it get's disconnect.

    Plz help me soon.

    (I have setup Google voice number outside U.S. And when i call my Google Voice number from INDIA it get's ringing on my PC but no outgoing call)

  3. @JUNAID

    When you use your google voice service from INDIA, Google will detect the IP and calls to US number will not be free. Please check again

  4. @Rahul

    You are right. So do u you have any idea to call from india with Google Voice for free. as i have taken 2 GV number and registered with callnRoam.

  5. @JUNAID

    search on freevcalls.. We have published few posts regarding the same.

  6. @Rahul

    Thanks bro yate client is awasome....

    Thanks once again........:))

  7. Hi Guys
    Thanks for using callnroam as well as informing others. Any Feedback & Question is welcome.

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