Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stanacard unlimited calling to India for just $14.99

Stanacard is offering unlimited calls to India for just $14.99. Be the first one to get this limited time offer. Calls to India landlines and mobiles are included. Overall you get 3000 minutes under Fair use policy for just $14.99 which is pretty good deal, moreover there is no contract and termination fee which makes this offer better than other unlimited offers available in the market.

Click here to get this offer

Create your valid account and simply select the "$14.99 India Unlimited (30 days)" option when adding credit.

Please note that the unlimited calls are available only if called via access numbers and Calling via SIP will be charged at normal rates. StanaCard Terms and Conditions and Fair Trade Use Policy applies to unlimited calls which has a limit of 3000 minutes. It means 3000 minutes for just $14.99 is a good plan and worth taking buying this option.

StanaCard Unlimited Calling Plans Reasonable Use Policy:
Unlimited calling for StanaCard Unlimited Calling Plans is intended only for Normal Non-Commercial Use.
Your use of StanaCard Unlimited Calling Plans may be considered outside of Normal Non-Commercial Use if:
(1) your aggregate usage within a billing period reaches 3,000 minutes;
(2) we discover that you are actually using the Service for uses that are typically considered outside of Normal Non-Commercial Use; or
(3) there is a combination of aggregate usage within a billing period beyond 3000 minutes and unusual usage patterns typically indicative of use that is outside of Normal Non-Commercial Use.


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