Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to secure your Phone number for Online Ads

Have you ever posted your phone number on any of your classified ads? if your answer is yes then you must have experienced heavy calls even after the deal is done. Also revealing your phone number in online ads is sometimes not safe. To solve this problem you can use call forwarding services which will give you a number with extension and connects all call to that number to your phone. Read on for details.
getRoller.com is a free service which can be used to secure your personal phone number in online ads or any other public postings.

Using Getroller service is really easy and free.

Main features of Roller service

  • Fast setup, needs less than a minute
  • Disposable and Anonymous
  • No Contracts
  • Completely Free
  • No need to share your real phone number
To get your own Roller number follow these steps.
 Now your can post 918-8ROLLER (extn will your roller code). e.g. if you roller code is 12345 then the number will be 918-8ROLLER x12345

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