Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Call2Friends.com : Make free International calls & SMS from Browser to India, China USA

Making international calls using VoIP has became very cheap to most of the international destinations. But still if you want it to be free, you have some options with limitations. On FreeVcalls we have discussed various tricks like Ringplus, evaphone(not free anymore) to help you make free calls using VoIP. Today we will discuss about Call2Friends.com, which allows you to make free international calls to most of the international destinations like INDIA, China, USA etc. Read on for details. 

Call2Friends.com is web based VoIP service. You just need to have a good internet connection , headset mic and you are done. 

How to make free calls using Call2Friends.com 

  • Visit Call2Friends.com 
  • Click on Free calls tab and dial the number in international format 
  • Click on green button, system will connect the call 

You will be shown the duration of the free call. 

Call2Friends.com gives you a daily quota to make free call per destination. If you want to call more you need to buy credit to make cheap international calls. 

You can also send free SMS to your friends but coverage is limited. Check out all the details on Call2Friends.com website


  1. Thanks for the link.

  2. unable to open website.....
    loading only...

    1. check whether you have flash plugin installed or not

  3. call rates to pakistan are expensive now a days. but some providers still ofering cheap. like comtube is till offering 3 cents/min to pakistan. register here http://www.comtube.com/?agent_id=200592cd504ebe8610f352d30e94cd54

  4. This not free anymore. Downloaded to my Android phone, opened the app and it is asking me to pay money.
    Think the free days are gone on this long back.

  5. I could call from this site.


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