Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where I can use 4G service in INDIA

4G an abbreviation of fourth Generation technology is a high speed wireless broadband service in the telecom sector. Industry experts claim that 4G is five times as fast as the existing 3G networks. Typical 4G speeds reach upto 100mbps. 

4G is the inheritor of 3G (third generation) technology, 2G and 1G are all from the same family of cellular communication standards, all are verified by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union). Often 4G is referred to as LTE or WiMax. LTE is preferred over WiMax as it can be made available on newer handsets.

While 4G or LTE has picked up in the other part of the world, India is yet to witness a major awareness among users. Airtel, India’s largest telecom provider was the first to launch 4G services. It was launched in Kolkata in April 2012, followed by Bengaluru and Pune. Many other operators are gearing up to offer 4G very soon.

In India, 4G is offered in the form of dongle (data stick) and yet not available on mobile handsets. Right now 3G is doing quite well and it may take time before 4G can really pick up. Also, the 4G tariff is very high in India. Users still prefer using conventional broadband services over 4G.

Let’s hope in the coming days, 4G tariffs will become more affordable in India and users will be willing to experiment this new technology and access high-speed internet on the go.

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