Sunday, October 17, 2010

REBTEL mobile application for iPhone & Android and $5 free voucher code

REBTEL needs no introduction to anyone. REBTEL had introduced concept of Direct dialing among cheap calling card providers. Today we will discuss about Mobile application of REBTEL for iPhone and android and also about latest REBTEL voucher code to give you free $5.

You can now use REBTEL on iPhone and Android with free applications available from REBTEL.

REBTEL App for iPhone -
  • Manage all your Rebtel numbers
  • See available call time for all your buddies
  • Check Rebtel rates to other countries
  • Check your call and credit history
  • Add credit directly from your iPhone
Download REBTEL for iPhone from here App Store

REBTEL for Android -
  • Free calling to anyone with REBTEL application installed
  • No more hanging up and calling back - Rebtel for Android automates the entire hang up and call back procedure
  • The app works anytime, anywhere
  • Integrates with your regular Android address book and dial pad. So, no need to keep track of an additional address book, just call as you would normally do.
  • Free download, check this
$5 Free Voucher code -
The offer is a voucher code that adds $5 bonus on the first $10 deposit. That’s a 50% bonus, $5 is equal to approx 6 hours of calling to the UK or Mexico, or about one hour to Asia or Africa.

• Voucher code: REBTEL5
• End date: 1st of November
• The minimum deposit is $10. The deposit must be made within 30 days after the sign up

So Don`t wait, Register with REBTEL, make your first free call and get $5 free bonus.

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  1. Wow a five dollar voucher. It's come to the point where you have to pay to have someone download your app. What's next?


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