Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TATATALK.COM Review: Avoid Unlimited calls to INDIA $5.99/month

Thanks to one of our reader for informing for informing us about VoIP companies like TATATALK.COM. Today we will review TATATALK.com which is offering unlimited calls to INDIA in just $5.99/month.

First thing which we want to clear is that TATATALK.COM is nowhere related to TATA Telecom. As per website it is a TEXAS based US company. Now lets see what TATATALK.COM is offering -

TATATALK.com only offers unlimited calling to INDIA which is $5.99/month, but there are points which gives us doubt about the company -
  • TATATALK.COM only offers annual package which is $83.88 details of which are -
    Yearly Cost $5.99 X 12 = $71.88
    Monthly Maintenance $1 X 12 = $12
    Total Cost $83.88
  • Website doesn`t have any secured protocol himself.
  • Only Paypal is available for payment option
  • No terms and conditions are available on the website for fair usage limits
  • No information on calling rates to other destination, terms and conditions only says "Higher rates will apply for calls completed to international cellular phones"
  • Only one Local access number
After noting above points we will not recommend this service. Because they don`t have enough information available on there website. Moreover they only offer yearly plan which is not acceptable. They should offer monthly of per minute plan so that customer can test there call quality and service. If you subscribe to Unlimited plan and want to cancel it they will change amount on prodata basis and calls at five cents/min which is very high.

Overall we will recommend to stay away from TATATALK.COM. If any of reader has tried there service please share your experience.


  1. Very useful info. Thanks for giving to us.

  2. There is no building or house on the company location mentioned on the website. http://tinyurl.com/2cj5ebm

  3. Not sure why so many negative information. Is this Freevcalls owned by a competitor who cannot compete?
    I have a account with them since 3 months and I am yet to receive any issue.
    I dont care if they are have a building or a tent. As long as it is a legit company I will use it ( Godaddy autheticate)

  4. Hi,
    I am confused by the post http://www.freecallshub.com/2010/10/unlimited-phone-calls-to-india-599-per.html, Do you have any updated information from them? Who should we trust?

  5. Useful info for voip user, thanks for sharing

  6. I am using tata talk for a month now and not facing any difficulty. Please do not misguide anyone. The service is good and they always respond to mails or call. I really like the service and would like to recommend this to everyone.

  7. Do not use tatatalk, this is nonsense, crap. I have been using since 5 months. They are not upto their words, it is limited service, In one day, 60 mins is the upper cap, we have to wait till next 24 hours to make 60more mins, Absolutely RIP-OFF company.Avoid this service

  8. This is a crap service, i had taken it and as said above there is no monthly or minute plan so i took 1 year service last december, initially 3 months all went fine, then calls use to drop off in between and we use to get computerized message, after having lots of cutomer care calls and emails finally the service again started after 2 days and went fine till october this year and now in between service is stopped saying you dont have credit while i have 1 yr subscription so i know i have credit, no one ever pick call on their customer care number, if you leave voice message then you dont get a reply back nor their website is working now.....Is this service/company shut down?


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