Monday, August 8, 2011

Teletwits Review : Free call trial of $2 Mobile VoIP & Pinless dial

We have seen several free trial calls on FreeVcalls. Free trials usually provides entry customers for a VoIP company and then its upto the service to hold the customer for long. Today we will discuss about which is giving a perfect combination of Free trial, good service and cheap VoIP calling rates.

Teletwits is a Canadian VoIP company based in Toronto.

Main features of Teletwits are -
  • Free trial credit to try service without any credit card information
  • Dial Through feature from USA Canada
  • Call from VoIP using SIP clients
  • Call from PC using SIP dialer
  • Call from SIP hardware phones
  • Cheap Calling rate - Call India @ 1.2 cents/min
How to get $2 Free trial credit
  • Visit Teletwits website and click on Teletwits Signup
  • Enter your details and telephone number (if you are not in USA/Canada, then you will get only 5 minutes free :( )
  • You will receive activation email and SIP account information immediately
How to configure SIP for Teletwits

Display Name - Your Display Name, Refer welcome email
User Name - Your User Name, Refer welcome email
Password - Your Password, Refer welcome email
Authorization Name - Your Authorization Name, Refer welcome email
Domain -

You can also use Teletwits using a normal mobile or landline phone by dialing Access number

Hamilton,ON (289) 426-5714
Montreal, QC (514) 316-7671
Ottawa, ON (613) 454-8001
Quebec, QC (418) 476-8167
Toronto, ON (647) 478-9062
Windsor, ON (519) 916-5342

Annapolis, Maryland (301) 232-5220
Cincinnati, OH (513) 259-2733

Please share your experiences in comment section.


  1. Cool. This is a good offer. I will check their quality and let everyone know.

  2. I signed up from USA. It offered only 5 minutes call to me, not $ 2.00 credit as stated by you. Also Dial through service is not started yet.

  3. Thanks for the explanation, I never thought if VoIP can be used to contact the mobile device.


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