Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Review Free Calling minutes from USA Local Access number

Whenever a new Calling Card company launches there services Free trial credit is the best option to attract new customers. Today we will discuss about which is pure calling card model company offering quality international calling service. Read on for details on free trial credit without any credit card or sensitive information.

Main Features of
  • Good voice quality
  • No other hidden charges.
  • No pin need if calling from registered phones
  • Speed dial. No need dial long international numbers.
  • Your own speed dial phone book
  • US local access number
How to get free trial credit
  • Visit, click on signup or visit AllKall free signup page
  • Fill in the details like email id and required password (Please fill correct email id since it is required for activation email)
  • Check your email and check activation email from AllKall, Click on the link
  • Its done you will have 0.3 USD in your account which will give you 16 min of calling to INDIA
How to make call using
  • Log on to your account to get your access number and pin.
  • Dial your access number
  • At the voice prompt, enter your pin. If you calling from your pinless phone, skip this step to Step 3.
  • After the balance announcement, enter the number you want to call. If the number is a speed dial number, you only need enter the one or two numbers.
Final Words
To be in short, 100% recommended for free trial but continuing further is not recommended as call rates are little bit on higher side.

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