Friday, September 2, 2011

WiMobile SIP Unlimited free calls to India, Italy, USA, China, United Kingdom from mobile and PC

It has been a long time since we have published about any 100% unlimited free calling service. Today we will discuss about which is offering free calling to Italy, USA, China, United Kingdom & India. Read on for details.

WiMOBILE is a brand of LiLiumTel Srl. Main features of WiMobile are -
  • Free calling between All WiMobile users
  • User over 3G or WiFi
  • SIP based system ensures high quality voice
  • Unlimited free calling offer till 15 Sept, no purchase required
  • Available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and windows mobile phone.
To install WiMobile on your mobile, Visit WiMobile Download Page

How to use WiMobile service
  • Visit & Sign up for a free account. (Give Valid email Id)
  • Check your email for Account activation email and confirm it
  • You will get a second email containing your user id and password
You can use these credentials to login using SIP dialer or WiMobile application.

How to configure WiMobile on your PC SIP (How to use WiMobile free calling on PC)
  • Download any SIP client.
  • Configure with below settings
  • User name - you got in email
  • password - you got in email
  • Dial the number in international format eg for India +91 Mobile number
Now you can enjoy free calling to below destination -
Italy (Fixed)
USA (Fixed - Mobile)
China (Fixed - Mobile)
United Kingdom (Fixed)
India (Fixed - Mobile)



  1. i registered it, but not logging in, says loggin failed, account id comes with numbers and *

  2. looks like fake or spam, id registered, got confirmation email, but not logging in, the mystery behind is, id comes with *

  3. Which one should i download to use on the PC from this link ?

  4. I downloaded for Symbian and installed it, but opening it, shows registering with login and password. But then nothing happens after that.

    Why ?

  5. I don't hear any sound. The person answering also doesn't hear anything. I checked the audio settings, everything is working when I make normal calls but not using this one.

    Any help ?

  6. yesterday it was working fine.. but today..server timeout in connecting via SIP

  7. I love your blog and it always contains latest VOIP info. I am able to make calls to India using X-Lite.

  8. To All

    It is working 100% fine..

    For use on PC use.. Yate or Xlite
    For Symbian - please check your phone supports native Voip or not else use it on Fring

    Let me know if any issue is there..

  9. hey i installed in pc its working fine and also in nokia when wlan using working fine...but 3g can't

  10. @Ravinder

    May be its because of 3G speed and settings

  11. It is working well. I use with Sipdroid and CSipSimple on Android phone and the call quality is better in CSipSimple.

  12. does this work on c-503 nokia ? I don't hear any sound. The person answering also doesn't hear anything. I checked the audio settings, everything is working when I make normal calls but not using this one.

  13. it doesn't work well. I'm trying the service for outgoing call to India, Cina and Usa but every time I digit all my numbers a massage talk me about it doesn't find. Why? I subscribed for free the service kindle offered by Wimobile italian provider without putting some 10 € . Telephone calls to italian fixed number is ok? Why doesn't it work abroad?

  14. Working for me .. but heard its free only upto 15th Sept 2011

  15. @Anonymous

    It is working 100% well

    check the format you are using while dialing the number.

  16. @charley

    Try it using with some application like Fring because may be C5-03 doenst have working native SIP

  17. Thanks dude your blog is really v.v.v. helpful for us.
    And dude can u provide another sip accounts site for free calling in india after 15th september.

    Thanks once again.

  18. hi i have created account on wimobile and installed X-lite too.

    But let me know where to type SIP address in settings...
    Pls help n thanks a lot in advance

  19. @Anonymous

    I used Yate client and simply put server while setting telephony account

  20. can anybody tell me ! call to India from Qatar which calling card ?

  21. can anybody tell me ! call to India from Qatar which calling card is low rate.I means sip call

  22. Hi Rahul got the software installed and got it worked on mobile Nokia e63 ,it work greatly but as discussed it would stop working on 15 sep 2011.

    Pls suggest some software to call India free of cost...

    Thanks a lot:-)

  23. hi rahul, do i need to top up my account in order to call free for US?

  24. @Anonymous

    Free calling to USA is not available on Wimobile now. that offer was valid till 15 SEp only

  25. u can use nettalk for unlimited US calls forever with no offer limitations


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