Sunday, September 11, 2011 Review Free calling credit Make SIP calls from PC mobile

I hope you are already making free calls using free calling promotion to India, Italy, USA, China, United Kingdom from mobile and PC. As of now this promotion is valid till 15 Sep 2011. So after this promotion you need some other meaning to make free calls to your favorite destination. Today we will discuss about which gives you $0.99 free trial credit without any credit card or sensitive information. Read on for details. is a new VoIP provider which is providing relatively cheap international calling using SIP model.

How to get $0.99 free trial credit from
  • Goto website
  • Fillout the registration form of the left side of the page
  • Activate your account using activation code
  • You will have $0.99 in your account which will give you 99 minutes of free calling to INDIA
Setup your account on your PC or mobile using SIP using below settings
  • Display Name - Your name in Latin letters. Under this name you will see the users,
  • User Name - your login (Phone number) obtained from,
  • Password - your password,
  • Authorization user name - the same as the User Name,
  • Domain -
  • Use international number without 00 or + sign
Review is a new VoIP provider but we were impressed with quality and calling rate. Call rates to India are only $0.01 per minute which is quite competitive. We suggest to try out the service with your free minutes and continue if you like. Please note that we were unable to verify the payment system of


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the info. But I am always getting error that my mobile number is invalud

    The entered phone number does not appear to be valid. Please check the number and try again."

    I tried with country code, without country code, with leading zero and without zero as well but no success.

  2. i also face the same problems

  3. Hi Guys
    I am having the same problem. Trying to register with Ukraine phone number but always getting a message that the number is not valid.

  4. I cant register getting error ... error is
    The entered phone number does not appear to be valid. Please check the number and try again."

    Jain Scaria

  5. yes same thing happen to me how to call plz explain

  6. Not registering the mobile number. Error: Not a valid number.

  7. same problem mobile no invalid.

    tried with 0091 , 91 ,+91.

  8. Unable to Connect the website

  9. Guys it works just click on the chat 24x7 button.
    tell the customer care your no and they will open an account for you.

    Its very good been using it for a week now call quality awesome and dirt cheap

    there is no VAT in the money you pay.
    payment is cleared by moneybookers gateway so its safe



  10. they increased the call rates to India.


  11. I did not see 24 x7 chat support on the site. Anyway now the promo for 0.99 is finished and now they are providing 0.15 credit for free.


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