Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AirtouchLinks.com per second billing calling card with $1 Free Trial calls

Calling cards still rules the international calling market due to easy to use and availability. Most of the calling cards provide per minute based billing system. Today we will discuss about Airtouchlinks.com which provides per second billing and $1 free trial credit without any credit card or payment information. Read on for details.

Airtouchlinks.com is a USA based company. Main highlights of the company services are -
  • Per Second Billing system
  • Account balance does not expire
  • No rounding off
  • No hidden fees
  • Good coverage of access numbers across USA
How to get free trial credit of $1
  • Visit Airtouchlinks home page and click on sign up
  • Fill in all the information and correct email id and submit
  • You will receive an email containing your login information
  • Login with your credentials and you can see $1 credit in your account
Airtouchlinks Review
Per second billing concept is really good for the people who usually make short duration calls. We will recommend you to try this service with free trial. $1 will give you around 44 minutes of free calling to INDIA which is fairly a good amount. Try the service and continue if you like.


  1. i dont live in usa, so can i use this free credit service from UK ?

  2. how to use the credit ? there is no webphone option ? or sip settings

  3. @ggg

    as of now they dont provide SIP, to use this credit you need to have a US number


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