Tuesday, October 8, 2013

FaceTime Audio: Cheap data calls between iOS 7 users

Apple launched iOS 7 few days ago and was an instant hit as many users switching to the latest version. Along the many features that iOS 7 launched, one feature has been a cause of concern to many other VoIP and telecom providers across the world is – FaceTime Audio.

Unlike FaceTime which only offered video calls amongst iOS users, FaceTime Audio enables apple users to make cheap audio calls with just a tap of an icon. Basically, it uses your cellular data to make the voice call. And if you happen to be on a WiFi network, then the audio call becomes absolutely free! You end up saving a lot in case of international calls.

What’s more, you have no subscriptions to make, no additional settings to do. Just tap the contact, tap FaceTime Audio icon and that’s it. The call is initiated. Make international calls too with the help of this feature.

Well, for obvious reasons, major telecom operators are worried now. This feature is a potential threat to many providers as Apple has decided to limit its users to stay on their platform for sure. Moreover, the need of an app is absolutely ruled out as FaceTime Audio is a built-in feature. We tested few calls on 3G and the call quality was surprisingly very clear. Needless to say, WiFi calls will be of better quality anyways. All that you end up paying is for the cellular data, which in any case, each one of us subscribes to for our internet needs on the go.

Currently, this feature is only available on iOS 7 running on iPhone 4 and above. Retina iPad and iPad mini will cellular data and WiFi features can also make use of this feature.

So, what do you think? Please comment below and share your views.

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